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20 Crypto sites you need to bookmark

There’s a lot going on in the world of crypto and we know that there are many of you at varying stages of your journey; from those taking their first steps into the world of the blockchain all the way to bonafide crypto experts. That’s why we’ve recently written a MetaMask Tutorial and also published the starter-essential Beginners Guide to Staying Safe in the World of Crypto.

So, for this article, we decided we would bring you some of the most informative websites available. These are all websites that we at Hash Rush personally use, and some of them are among the most popular websites in the world! We’ve divided the list into separate sections, so whether you’re a trader, an ICO investor, a HODLer or a little bit of all three, there’s something useful for everyone.

General Information

Looking to keep up-to-date with all things crypto? Look no further.

1. CoinMarketCap
This is the king of crypto websites. With their database of ‘Cryptocurrency Market Capitalisations’, CoinMarketCap may be the most visited crypto website ever.

Initial Coin Offerings

An Initial Coin Offering (also known as an ICO) is a crowdfunding tool used by startups working on new blockchain projects. However, with the recent explosion in ICO popularity, knowing what projects to back can be difficult.

The following sites will be able to help you learn which projects are popular with the community, are being actively worked on, and what the goal of these projects are.

2. ICO Stats
This website provides information about ICO performance, including ICO date, 24-hour ROI and all-time ROI. It’s a useful resource if you want to see how well a specific ICO has done in the past.

3. FlipHODL
The Token Market page of FlipHODL also shows ICO performance, ranked according to ICO date.

4. ICO Drops
The stats page of ICO Drops is particularly interesting because it doesn’t just include ROI on a USD basis, but also ETH ROI and BTC ROI. This allows you to see the ROI of a specific ICO in comparison to your return when you would’ve kept your money in one of the top 2 coins.

5. Token Market
Token Market’s ICO Calendar is useful for those who want to find a new ICO to invest in. This page lists a range of current and upcoming ICOs.

6. Smith + Crown
This list wouldn’t be complete without Smith + Crown. This website covers a range of curated ICOs, but also includes the so-called Smith+Crown Index or SCI. The SCI is an indicator of the state of the cryptocurrency markets.

News and Events

The crypto markets are volatile, and coin and token prices are extremely susceptible to news (whether real or fake). This is so much so that a tweet by a crypto community influencer can have huge ramifications. So, to stay on top of the rapid changes in this space, it’s best to stay informed with the latest news.

7. Coinmarket Calendar
Cryptocurrency projects can sometimes rely heavily on creating and engaging communities. Coinmarket Calendar works as a crowdsourced ‘crypto calendar’, providing information on upcoming and past events — helping you always keep up-to-date.

8. Crypto Panic
This news aggregator platform gathers any news that may impact the crypto markets. Users can upvote specific news and price signals, though this functionality is not yet widely used.

Ethereum Blockchain

All ERC-20 tokens are a part of the Ethereum blockchain. The following links will prove invaluable, whether you need to check the content of your wallets or want to check the status of a certain transaction.

9. EtherScan
EtherScan is everything you need to check the state of the Ethereum blockchain. You can use it to monitor transactions, retrieve address balances and check smart contracts.

10. ETH Gas Station
Sending tokens or Ether requires gas. But did you know that the optimal amount of gas depends on the state of the Ethereum network? So the safest low gas for today may not be enough for tomorrow. Be sure to check this site out if you are manually inputting gas rates.

11. ETH Stats
This website shows you a quick overview of the Ethereum network, including the last block that was mined, gas limit, gas price and mining difficulty.

Portfolio Management

From Excel sheets to advanced tracking apps, there are many possibilities to keep an overview of your portfolio. Here are a few we often use in the Hash Rush team.

12. Blockfolio
Blockfolio is the market leader in mobile portfolio management. However, some features, such as moving your portfolio (or syncing) between devices, are lacking.

13. Delta
Delta is a solid alternative to the more ubiquitous Blockfolio.

14. Crypto Compare
If you prefer to track your portfolio not through an app, but through a web interface, Crypto Compare is the way to go.

Other useful websites and apps

Here are a few other websites and apps that we at Hash Rush cannot do without.

15. Parity
Parity allows you to manage multiple ETH wallets, schedule transactions at a specific (block)time, and do a whole lot more on the Ethereum blockchain.

16. MetaMask
MetaMask is a great Chrome extension that offers users of dApps on the Ethereum network a lot of extra security. Take a look at our recent article on how to use MetaMask.

17. Brave
Brave is a privacy-focused browser that is supposedly much faster than Chrome and blocks all ads, cookies and trackers.

18. Bitcointalk
The Bitcointalk Community is not always easy to deal with, but this forum is still a very important place for all things crypto.

19. Tradingview
TradingView is simply a must-have if you’re a day trader.

20. Steemit
Steemit is a blockchain-based social media and blogging platform. It’s still in beta but the (crypto) community is strong and it’s worth to take a look. Plus, you can find us there too!


Well, that wraps up our list of useful crypto websites.

What do you think, what are your favourite websites when it comes to the blockchain and crypto world? Are there any websites we should have included, or ones that you never use? Let us know in the comments!

For the latest Hash Rush news, go to our website, join our newsletter or talk to us on Discord!



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