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B is for Beta: A Word About the New Chapter “How to get into the Beta”

The end of the summer usually means a gradual transition from hectic activities into a more stagnant period of the year, but — while it’s true that our summer was pretty wild — we’re not done yet! Earlier this year, we were honored to bring you the first Hash Rush Playtest. It had its ups and downs; through it, we collected invaluable feedback and information that held our hand through the learning process.

An old adage says you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs, so we did! We broke a few eggs — successfully or otherwise — and finally ended up with tangible progress — the first-hand user experience of the game through the Playtest. Like every other first-timers, the initial one was merely a preview of the experience. Now, we’re giving it another go with collected knowledge, adapted perspective, and more finessed content.

Get ready for Hash Rush Beta!

What? Who?

As previously mentioned, the Hash Rush Beta has been organized based on knowledge and feedback from its predecessor. Thanks to it, the Beta offers a more complete game experience closely related to the one players can expect when the game finally goes live in its entirety. Whether you’ve already participated in the first Playtest, or this would be your first time experiencing Hash Rush, the Beta will contain newly implemented, never-before-tested elements. With a lot of rework and adaptations done and the addition of new in-game content with a brand new gameplay mode, there’s a lot to look forward to!

How to Access Beta?

If you have been a part of the previous Playtest, you know the drill. The Vorto Key you received for the first Playtest is also valid for the Closed Beta. We hope you still have it in your account’s inventory and see you on the 1st of September!

For all of you newbies out there (and those who need to brush up on it), we will go through the steps to participate, starting from the top:

  1. First, you must create a Vorto account on the official Hash Rush page on Vorto.
  2. To receive one of the access keys — Vorto Key — you must complete at least one purchase from the Hash Rush store unless you’ve already won a key from one of our Hash Rush Influencer Campaigns. Keep in mind that you can only get 1 key through the purchase method, and having multiple keys will not grant you anything extra.
  3. Whether you’ve won the keys or have completed a purchase in the store, your Vorto Key should be available in the ‘Rewards’ tab from the Hash Rush-Vorto homepage. As mentioned before, the access keys do not stack, so check whether you’ve already got one available if you’re uncertain.
  4. Once you’ve obtained your Vorto key, you will be able to download the game file located on the Hash Rush site by simply clicking the ‘Play’ button. This will trigger a file download.
  5. Once downloaded, the file needs to be UnZipped into a folder.
  6. In the UnZipped folder, find the Hash Rush Launcher and start the game from there.
  7. Once you start the Launcher, it will request your username and password input. Use the credentials you’ve used to log into your Vorto account.
  8. And there you have it! You’re now ready to enjoy the experience of the Hash Rush Beta.
Register at Vorto: https://hashrush.vorto.gg/home

But hold on a minute, we have another announcement to make!

As with the first Playtest, we will initially run the Beta in a closed setting. This means that for the first two weeks (from the 1st of September to the 15th) you will need to have a Vorto Key in your inventory in order to play the game. However, after that (from the 15th of September, in the evening — time tba) we will open the game to everyone, and you can login without owning a key.

To participate in the open part of Beta, you will only need a registered Vorto account, then, on the 15th of September, login will for anyone, simply follow the previously mentioned steps to download and start the game on this date (minus the key ownership requirement of course).

Two more days until we see you all on Cryptonia! Follow our Discord and official social media channels for all the newest updates and information about the Hash Rush Beta and other planned activities throughout September 2022.



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