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Base Building Guide for Hash Rush

Greetings Voyagers,

We hope that you have been enjoying Hash Rush and the new planets that we introduced to the game in our update on the 11th of August.

Did you know that on the harder planets, you will encounter monsters that are considerably stronger and look somewhat different? Check out this quick tour to see them!

With the new harder planets out, we’ve noticed that some of our players needed a bit of an explanation into how to properly set up their base so that they can build up what they need, defend themselves against the waves of monsters, and also set out on raids to weaken the Crystal Scourge. So, we’re here to help you with that!

Base Building — Important Information

When you first start the game, or when you move to a new planet you will only have the Voyagers Bastion and five Ernack workers at your disposal. Though this may sound like very little, it is in fact more than enough to get started!

Before we dive into what resources to gather first and what buildings to build first, there are three important points that we need to explain.

First — The Voyagers Bastion is your central headquarters, here you can train new workers, the basic Tyro unit, and the Prospector. What you may not know is that the Voyagers Bastion cannot be destroyed. So if the worst case scenario of the Crystal Scourge attacking and destroying your entire base should happen, you will not lose your Voyagers Bastion, allowing you to rebuild.

Second — The workers are free to train, all you need is room in your population capacity and you can train them quickly and without any resources. The Voyagers Bastion provides you with a population capacity of 10, meaning that should you be wiped out, thanks to the Voyagers Bastion being indestructible and thanks to the workers being free, you will be able to rebuild.

Third — Buildings construct themselves automatically. Unlike typical RTS games, workers play no role in constructing the buildings.

Your First Steps

With that out of the way, let’s now look at the resources. At the very start of the game, you only need to concern yourself with Stone, Wood, and Food. So, with your five starting units, a good start would be to send three to gather stone, two to gather wood, and one to gather food.

Once the workers have been sent on their tasks, return to your Voyagers Bastion and train up five more workers, with these workers you will want to send two to the firefly tree to the east of your Voyagers Bastion, two to the Ore deposit to the north, and the last one to the gather more wood.

Your First Buildings

At this point you will notice that you are at your population capacity, but thanks to your workers gathering resources (and the starting resources that you get) you can quickly build a Hut to increase your population limit by 5. While building your Hut (remember, you don’t need workers to build it), also build the Blacksmith. The reason that you want to build the Blacksmith is that it unlocks a few more construction options that you will soon need.

Here we want to give you a small tip. You can build buildings anywhere as long as the fog is lifted by light, however you will want to consider the paths of attack into your base. On the starting planet, the player has to only really worry about the eastern entrance as the north is easily pacified and the monsters do not use the western entrance. However, on the harder difficulties, the monsters will use the western entrance, and until pacified, attacks will arrive from the north. Keep that in mind when you are choosing your building locations.

Let’s think about Combat

The building spree has not ended yet! Once your Blacksmith is built, the next building that you will want to have is the Barracks. This is so that you can train some real combat units. We know that the Tyro is technically a combat unit, however they are extremely weak and so should not be relied on to hold the line, they’re best used in emergencies when you need to simply slow down your opponent. The Barracks on the other hand, lets you train Swordsman, Archers, and Slingshooters, these three form the backbone of the Ernack armies.

Check out this video if you need brush up on your Hash Rush combat knowledge

At this point, you will want to take a moment to look at your resource generation as you’ve constructed quite a few buildings. We’d recommend that you train another five workers and send one to the Fireflies, one to the Ore deposit, one to mine Stone, one to chop Wood, and you guessed it, one to gather more food. This will simply ensure that you have a steady supply of resources coming in. As training these five workers would bring you to your population capacity, build another two more huts (two more as you’ll now want to train an army).

While you are sorting out your resource generation and building more huts, your barracks should have completed the building process. Head over to it and train 4 Swordsman, 2 Archers and 2 Slingshooters, these will form your first combat group and will aid in defending your base and helping you to expand to new locations.

With a defensive force ready, you can now turn your attention to creating the advanced resources. If you need a recap on advanced resources (or if you simply want to know what they are), check out our tutorial video.

Once you have enough wood and stone, build your first Sawmill and Stonemason. These two buildings will also need a worker assigned to them so that they can produce the Wooden Logs and Stone Blocks, so make sure to train two more and position those workers near the buildings. Once they are built, send the workers inside the building and they will start to refine the Wood/Stone into their advanced forms.

Expanding your Base

For the last part of this guide, we will walk you through expanding your base. A big part of Hash Rush is the need for the player to constantly expand so that they have access to the resources that they need.

The best place to start your expansion is to the north of your Voyagers Bastion. This is because it is a relatively small area with only one entrance (as it is cut by a river), therefore once you have defeated the Crystal Scourge presence there, it becomes a safe zone. What’s more, this area has all of the resources that you need, including a Crystal mine!

Before you proceed, train 3 more Swordsman, and 2 more Archers, and have them join up with your main force. Then, in the Voyagers Bastion, train a Prospector and have it join the main force as well.

Check out this video to learn why the Prospector is vital

This force should be strong enough to take on the monsters, so send them to attack! Once you have defeated the monsters, you will want to build Lamp poles in multiple (strategic) locations so that the Crystal Fog is properly lifted in all parts of your newly conquered land. With that done, you can begin constructing new buildings there and sending some workers to gather the resources. We’d recommend that you build a Crystal mine and a Silo here as converting Crystals is one of the best ways to get Galaxy Points!

Looking to the Future

From here on we will let you take the reign, but we wont leave you completely empty handed, so here are some vital tips!

  • Your colony level is based on the amount of Galaxy Points that you gather.
  • Increasing your Colony level will unlock further buildings such as the Stable (mounted units) and the Watchtower, a powerful defensive structure.
  • Watchtowers need a worker assigned to it in order to fight.
  • On the beginner player, you’ll want to build watchtowers near the eastern bridge as that is a natural choke point, on harder planets you’ll want to defend the east and the west entries.
  • Never stop expanding, but as you expand, look for where the enemies come from as you’ll want to create some good defensive locations.
  • The monsters spawn from the Crystal Outposts — but you can destroy the outposts!
  • As your base develops you will begin to attract the attention of the Crystal Scourge and it will begin to attack you. Though these attacks will start off relatively weak at first, they will grow in strength as you develop.
  • And finally, your maximum population capacity is 60.

We hope that this helps you master Hash Rush! Join us on Discord or Telegram and talk to the team and the community for further help with the game!



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