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Blockchain development for Hash Rush with 4ire

Greetings Voyagers,

Thanks to everyone who has been playing Hash Rush and providing us with your feedback we’ve been able to target the development of the game in the direction that suits the community the best. Due to this, we’re quite happy with the direction of the game and are on a (somewhat) regular schedule of updating the game once every week to every two weeks.

With the game now on a good path, we have been paying special attention to the blockchain side of things and want to unveil some interesting information for you!

For 4 months now, we have been working with 4ire Labs to create the Hash Rush Wallet Service. The initial design was created by Kris, however as they dove into the design and got to know Hash Rush, a more personal interest was sparked! As they grew more excited about the project, they began having some excellent ideas on what could improve our blockchain implementation and even wrote about Hash Rush themselves. Check out what they wrote here!

We are already the blockchain integration in Hash Rush!

Before we dive into what working with them has been like, we want to tell you a bit about 4ire Labs, (and no, they did not ask us to write this, this is entirely our own!) 4ire labs is a blockchain development studio based in Stockholm, Sweden, but also have offices in Kyiv, Ukraine, and Tallinn, Estonia, and ranks 14th in Hackernoon’s top 20 Blockchain Development companies.

Thanks to 4ire labs we have been able to push forward our blockchain development schedule and they have helped by making us aware of entirely new features that would greatly benefit Hash Rush.

For example, Kris had always envisioned a Liquidity Pool for RUSH, however 4ire labs were able to help the idea evolve to include a RUSH Gas Station. The Gas Station feature would allow all RUSH transactions (including private wallet transactions) to make use of a special Ethereum pool to pay for the Gas prices. Ultimately, this would mean that RUSH transactions can be ‘free’ for the end user, provided that the Gas Station is stocked up. The blockchain enthusiast will surely be able to see the opportunities and benefits that such a mechanic would bring.

What’s more, they have been invaluable in providing expertise in how to properly scale the RUSH Network, allowing us to have a solid infatuation that provides fast transaction speeds, is cost effective, while not giving up on too much of the decentralized aspect.

So there you have it, our proud partnership with 4ire Labs and how the vision for Hash Rush and RUSH Coin has grown rapidly very quickly.

What does this mean for you right now? It means that the deployment of the Hash Rush Wallet Service (the first part of the blockchain integration into the game) is just round the corner! What’s more, we’ll be writing up a lot more articles about what we are doing with RUSH and how we will deploy it. The final few months of this year is looking to be a very exciting one!

We hope that this helps you master Hash Rush! Join us on Discord or Telegram and talk to the team and the community for further help with the game!



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