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Gamescom 2018: Bringing the Hash Rush Alpha to the Masses

We were really proud to present the alpha version of Hash Rush to the 500,000-strong crowd that attended gamescom 2018. For those that could not attend gamescom this year, we’ve prepared a short report of our time in Koln!

Spanning five days, gamescom is Europe’s largest gaming event and is home to over 1,000 exhibitors covering hardware, indie games, and fully-fledged AAA titles. It was an absolute pleasure to bring our alpha to the eager crowds there, and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Despite the long days and busy schedule, you all made it more than worth it!

Left to Right: Rob Nicholls (Lead Game Designer), Matt Chuen (Online Marketing Manager), Tenzin Chiodak (Community Manager), Kristaps Vaivods (CEO/Co-Founder)

We were truly proud and very appreciative of all the positive comments we had from everyone who queued to play. Considering we’re only in alpha, being able to receive such amazing feedback from engaged gamers such as yourselves is paramount to how we shape Hash Rush to be a game that you want to play.

Even though Hash Rush is not yet even in beta, we were confident that our game would be met with enthusiasm, wonder and interest by the attendees of gamescom. Were we correct? Most definitely!

We may not have been situated near the big studios and their AAA titles, but this did not stop people from coming by to check us out — and from many accounts were instantly charmed by everything Hash Rush! Nic and Dendy’s brilliant art, the cuteness of the Ernacks, and the fun that they had playing a game that was both easy to understand yet deep in detail worked hand-in-hand to mesmerise players of all ages and genders.

A particularly pleasing sight to behold was the surprise on their faces as we explained that we are still only in our alpha phase. We were really proud to be able to say that this has been worked on with great enthusiasm from everyone on the team, and we will only continue to improve on what they have seen.

We were taken aback by the many of you who stopped by day-after-day to play again. Your enjoyment of the game and your dedication to bringing back friends you wanted to play it too, was humbling. For those of you have joined us on Discord, we’re really excited to hear some of your feedback and see you in the beta!

So that was gamescom for us! A week that was intense and exhausting like these shows always are, but also so satisfying and fun that we only realised how tired we were after the event ended!

To close this article, we want to say a big thank you to everyone that stopped by our booth, to our fans that returned and fed us snacks to keep us going, and to our two special German-speaking helpers, Lisa and Peggy-Sue!

You all made this event a great success and one that we will never forget.

If you want to read more about Hash Rush and the game, go to our website, follow our blog, join our newsletter or talk to us on Discord!



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