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Hash Rush
Jun 18 · 4 min read

Two weeks have flown by, so it means that our second bi-weekly progress update is ready! Are you interested in knowing what has been going on in the world of Hash Rush? If so, this is the article series for you!

So without further ado, let’s dive into the world of Hash Rush development progress!

Lore Spotlight

In our Lore Spotlight article series, we continued with our theme of Ernack Heroes and their backstories. In total, we have announced three Ernack Heroes, with Carax the Invoker and Melighar the Arcane Whisperer being featured in the last week.

Farion, Carex, and Melighar

The Hash Rush Art Team

One of the strongest points of Hash Rush has always been the unique art style of our two artists, Dendy and Nic.

As we ramp up our development, this has become increasingly important as they are responsible for creating the design of the new builds and units.

The way that this works is that our two creative leaders, Rob and Nathan would first design the object and provide a basic description of what it should look like. Rob handles the in-game mechanics, such as what its overall purpose is, then Nathan handles what the style and lore of the object is. With these two descriptions written down, our artists then use their brilliant imagination to give life to the ideas.

Now, why are we mentioning this? Well, as we mentioned just a moment ago, we have begun to really get the gears of game development moving, and one of the major features that we are working on is additional planets, with different environments — an ice-based planet, and a desert/sandy based planet. To that end, our art team has been hard at work re-designing all of the existing Ernack buildings to match the theme of these new planets and also designing entirely new monsters to inhabit these planets.

Variations of the Voyager’s Bastion
The importance of the tower will skyrocket very soon (see tales from development)
Some early drawings of the desert plants
Some early drawings of a frozen planet

Tales from Development

And once again we end with the information that most of you really want to know — what have we been working on from a development perspective.

If you read our last bi-weekly update, you’ll be aware that we have decided to entirely re-work the combat mechanics in Hash Rush. But it is not just combat that is getting reworked, from a new fear system to improving the AI, behavior, and controls of all units in the game, we are giving them all a much-needed upgrade.

So, what have we been focusing on in the last two weeks?

The highlights from the last two weeks come from the field of AI and unit behavior. We have been developing behavior controls for the player’s units, and also making these controls work on the AI controlled units as well.

The behaviors are:

  • Wreck — Any unit that has this behavior activated will follow their determined path, targeting buildings.
  • Hunt — Any unit that has this behavior activated will follow their determined path, targeting units.
  • Guard — Any unit that has this behavior activated will stand their ground and defend it from any enemies that enter the unit’s line of sight.

These behaviors are really important for Hash Rush’s endgame, as once the game loop with the different stages of Crystal Scourge has been implemented, the enemy units will need to have specific behaviors.

And with that, we come to the end of our first bi-weekly round-up! Are you looking forward to next week’s edition already? We sure hope so and will see you again soon!

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