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Hash Rush and the RUSH Coin V1

RUSH Coin in the Hash Rush BETA!

Hello everyone,

Lately we’ve been talking about the gaming side of Hash Rush, but a few of our older community members pointed out that we did not mention anything about the blockchain integration and how RUSH coin will work.

So, we’re dedicating this week’s article to the RUSH Coin and what we will have in the beta.

Introducing RUSH Coin to our new members

If you are new to Hash Rush you may be curious as to what RUSH Coin is, and how it may affect you.

Making blockchain accessible to everyone!

Simply put, RUSH is a cryptocurrency token that runs on the Ethereum blockchain and functions as the premium currency for Hash Rush. Though we are sure that this may make some of our gaming community members roll their eyes (and to be frank, we’d understand why), we’ve approached this from a very different angle to what is common out there — we’ve put the game first and only worked on the blockchain side after we had a functioning game.

Ultimately, we believe that the way that we have added blockchain elements to our game is truly to the benefit of the community and the player.

The important point to note here is that if you (the player) have no intention of making use of the blockchain side of things, you can simply ignore it. In the end, RUSH will function like any other in-game currency and you don’t have to give it a second through if you do not want to.

Benefiting the Players

Compared to regular in-game currencies and premium currencies, using blockchain gives our players much more freedom of choice when it comes to what they do with the in-game currency. That said, at the same time it gives us (the developers) a few interesting challenges as well.

Sometimes it’s hard to see the benefits from the get go!

Let’s start with the two biggest differences/advantages that RUSH gives the players.

The first point is: you can always buy exactly the amount of RUSH that you want, and not a single unit more. So if there is an item that you want to buy, you are not restricted to buying premade packs of RUSH (as you would in a regular game) that you have no control over. Instead if the item costs 21 RUSH, you can buy exactly 21 RUSH.

Fun Fact. It is a common tactic/trick in regular F2P games where the shop will list an item for slightly more of the currency used than the premium currency pack would provide.

If you cannot envision this, imagine that item A is a very new and hyped mount for a popular MMORPG that you are actively playing. The publisher will know that the community are looking forward to it and will want to try and get as much out of the mount as possible. It is common for them to look at what the premium currency bundles provide, and then set the price of the new item (the mount in this example) to be slightly more than the amount of premium that the most popular pack provides.

For example, the most popular pack could be the $10 pack and would provide 100 premium currency. The mount would then be priced at 110 premium currency, forcing the player to buy more of the premium currency than they need.

This sort of behavior becomes impossible if you use a freely traded token (like RUSH) as the game’s main currency.

The second difference is that once you have the RUSH, you may do whatever you want with it. In traditional games that use premium currencies, what players do with the in-game currencies is heavily controlled. Things like gold selling are commonly punished by bans, and the trade of premium currencies are usually impossible by the game code itself.

In Hash Rush, once the player has RUSH and it is stored in their wallet, it becomes their own, meaning that they are free to do what they want with it. For example, trading it in the game with other players is perfectly fine, or they can remove/withdraw the RUSH from the game and trade it privately in whichever way they want.

That said, you are of course not forced to do anything. As we said earlier, if this sort of thing is not your cup of tea, you can ignore the extra functionality entirely.

Using RUSH in our Soft BETA.

So now you’re probably thinking about RUSH itself and what it would be used for. The benefits may sound great, but we then need to link it to the game itself.

At the beginning of the soft BETA, RUSH will be used as a typical premium currency, so players can use it to purchase items in the in-game item shop. However, this is only the beginning as we are working on expanding the list of RUSH coin functionality as the game expands.

Our goals for the Future:

  • The currency used for buying and selling items between players.
  • A replacement for gas fees when transferring RUSH between wallets.
  • A way that gamers can be introduced to blockchain in games in a user friendly way.
  • To establish RUSH and our systems as an attractive option for game developers.

Obtaining RUSH

In our soft BETA, the the main way to get RUSH will be by:

  • Buying it in the store
  • Earning in the game through challenges, finishing planets or quests

In the near future the main way to earn your RUSH will be by buying it from other players or selling in-game assets on the P2P marketplace.

RUSH as the main pillar of play-to-earn!

As we previously established RUSH is the premium currency of Hash Rush making it a fundamental part of the in-game economy. This means that players will need RUSH to fully participate and explore the Hash Rush universe.

In typical games, the premium currencies are entirely controlled by the developers/publishers, from selling all the way to just how it can be used. This will not be the case for Hash Rush as since you can withdraw the RUSH Coin from the game and trade it privately, you have the opportunity to get something back. Essentially, we are creating a system where players can profit from their time in the game and truly reinventing the gaming experience. The world of play-to-earn is closer than ever!

Please note that you will not be able to trade RUSH for USD or any other currency in the game, we only provide you with the means to withdraw the RUSH to a private storage, from which you can do what you wish with the RUSH.

RUSH Implementation and looking to the future!

As the saying goes, Rome was not built in a day, and that is true for Hash Rush, therefore we have a specific starting point and a roll out for our RUSH coin.

Initially RUSH will start with a limited use case (as explained in the previous sections) and we will be controlling it a lot more. This is so that we can see how the system works, what needs improving, and most importantly to us, to see how the players react to using RUSH.

That said, the controls are only temporary. As further development of the game and the blockchain, we will gradually loosen control until we ultimately reach our goal point — granting the community full control.

To accompany this staggered release and gradual relaxing of control, we will be writing more articles about RUSH, how we plan to manage it, and how we plan to increase the demand of the coin.



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