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Jul 2 · 5 min read

It’s that time again, the Hash Rush bi-weekly progress update is here, and wow this edition is going to be fun to publish!

So, let’s dive straight into the good stuff!

Lore Spotlight

Our Lore Spotlight articles continue to be popular with the Hash Rush community, finally giving you all in-depth information about the Lore behind the popular Hash Rush characters, worlds, and mythos!

The last two editions departed from the Ernack Heroes to take a look at some more common units. We started with the Ernack Troggs and how groups of unfortunate Trinell endured a second mutation after being transformed into an Ernack.

After that, we moved onto a peculiar character, the Marauders Scrapbot! Some of our older members noticed that these bots featured in some of our very first artworks of the Marauders, back in our ICO1 days! The scrapbots were the first mechanical droids that the humans of the planet Rustaria created after they reclaimed the surface of their planet!

Be sure to check out both of these articles to learn more about the Troggs and the Scrapbots!

The Hash Rush Art Team

All of the development on Hash Rush starts with an idea, that idea is then given to the art team who then visualize and draw the concepts so that our developers in Tractor, Set, Go! can create 3D models that will be used in the game itself!

Since we have begun to work on new planets (ice and desert-based) our art team have been working round the clock to create new concepts of the Ernack buildings that fit their new environments, and also all new monsters that are unique to these new planets!

In the last bi-weekly update we shared some of the new building designs for these planets, so this week we are going to look at two of the new monsters (more will be shared at a later date).

Here are a few of the concepts that our artists have been busy drawing. Did you know that to get to the stage that we are sharing with you, we usually start with around 6 different variants, and then refine the one that meets the teams vision the best?

First up we have the desert-based stingray. This monster will bury itself in the sand and lie in wait for its prey to get close. Then, once the unfortunate prey is close enough, it will jump out of the sand and attack with its ferocious stinger!

Next up, we have an ice-based monster. Here you can see three different variants of the Ice Grunt that our concept artists came up with. In the end, we decided to go with variant C.

Tales from Development

And now, last but most certainly not least, we come to the progress that we’ve made on the game’s development!

In the last two weeks, our awesome developers at TSG! have been especially busy putting the finishing touches on the new-much improved combat system!

Now, with development of the new combat system almost complete, we can dive into the juicy details of what we have been working on!

  • The first two phases of resistance have been added to the game
    - Fog (this has been updated)
    - Enemies that spawn and attack the player’s base
  • Unit formations have been added to the game.
  • Behavior trees have been implemented
  • Combat sounds have been improved
  • Unit animations have been added in

What does this mean for you, the player?

Firstly, players should see a massive improvement to combat, both visually and in behaviors. The various behaviors such as Passive, Guard, Hunt, Wreck gives you a lot more freedom to micromanage your troops better.

This is hugely important as now there will be an actual challenge to the game. Depending on how big your base is, monsters will spawn and begin attacking your base. This makes giving your troops proper commands will be of paramount importance to the defense of your base.

The addition of formations will further help as it means that your units (and the enemy units) will no longer group together on a single spot, making it easier to see who is who and what they are doing.

As a special treat, we have two videos to share that show some of the new unit animations for the Swordsman and the Archer.

Please note that these videos are taken directly from the game’s engine and are heavily in development, so what you will see when we push the update to the live game will be still improved.

The first video shows the new trails that we have given to the arrows that the archers shoot. Notice how the arrows are now clearly visible. Also, look to the background, you will see some Ernack swordsman standing in-formation.

This video was taken when the feature was still in development, the final version that will be pushed to the playable version will be improved further.

The second video shows the new animation that the swordsman will use when they enter a fight and ultimately die.

This video was taken when the feature was still in development, the final version that will be pushed to the playable version will be improved further.

We’ll end this progress update with a hint at what we have just begun to work on! Look closely at both videos and in the background, you will see a single Ernack unit doing something very special and very new!

However, you’ll have to wait for next progress update to find out exactly what it is doing!

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