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Hash Rush Giveaway: The Age of Heroes

A new dawn has descended across the Hermeian Galaxy. The Age of Heroes is coming, and you are given a chance to receive a force of your own and make your name known in the history of Cryptonia as one of those chosen to provide much-needed aid in resisting the remnants of Scourge.

You feel heroic, but do you feel lucky?

From 06/05/2022 at 7 PM CET to 12/05/2022 at 11:59 PM CET (planet Earth time), a shift will occur across the Cryptonian system. There are whisperings within the Golden Grove. 17 names will be revealed among the stars for those who can read them. 17 champions from beyond the galaxy, destined for greatness.

With a bit of luck, you too, can be among the seventeen fortunate ones and receive one of the following graces:

The first among you will be granted the trust and assistance of the Cryptonian Triumvirate. With Farion’s shield’s fortitude, Carax’s conjured force, and Melighar’s infinite wisdom at your disposal, you will truly be a bearer of a new age of Ernacks.

Six chosen names that follow after will command the power of our Comic Heroes: Velkir, the Prophet, or the dreaded Arhan, the Monstrous of the Lone Tower. Whichever leader grants your audition, your strike against the Scourge monsters will be vital.

Finally, ten of you will remain the spirits of resistance, keeping the troop’s motivation at its highest. You will adorn your trees with the Voyager’s Bastion Holiday 2021, a reminder to all Ernacks of the time o triumph we strive to achieve once more.

Where do I sign up?

Do you not already have a Vorto Network account? If the message of creating one had missed you, don’t let it be the reason why you cannot participate. It isn’t too late! Create your account today to have your Rakan ready for the race.

Done? Very well! Now all you have to do is take your Vorto Network email address and follow our troop on the great platform of Twitter! You can find us @PlayHashRush. Once you have followed us, your name will officially be in the run for one of the rewards.

But that’s not all! Destinies can be influenced, and you can improve your chances of being chosen by simply engaging more. Other than the previously mentioned channel, several more have opened for the opportunity to grant you the power among Ernacks. Follow our troop on more than two channels for a better chance of fulfilling your destiny.

Cryptonia is calling

All of the champions of age with fulfilled requirements are eligible for participation. The names of our selected champions will be known on 14/05/2022 at 2 PM CET (planet Earth time). Act now to secure your place in the choice process. For more live updates, follow our official Discord channel.

And while the fortune is reserved for the luckiest seventeen, we do not leave the rest of our faithful supporters without a benefit.

In order to get as many of you as possible to the ranks of Ernacks, we are now enabling access to the to playtest for everyone up until its finalization. With only a registered Vorto Network account and without a key requirement! There is no better moment than now to get the feel of action offered by Hash Rush!

We await you.

For the glory of Cryptonia!



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