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Hash Rush Guide to Playtesting: Ready, Set, Test!

And that is one update that needs no special introduction.

With the arrival of spring, many crucial changes are behind us, and Hash Rush is ready to take a deeper dive into the long-expected playtesting event. Considering the importance of the further implementation of NFTs and crypto transactions that we are hoping to accomplish during this phase, we took additional time to ensure the basic functionalities of the concept are all working as intended. We can confidently say that what we have planned is looking promising and that we have all deserved to finally get to the fun part!

The Fun Part

Undoubtedly, the road to finalising the upcoming playtest was a challenging one. And if you just happened to gain interest in our project, this is a perfect opportunity to take it for a spin.

Stay with us a while longer to learn more about being a part of the journey.

During the upcoming playtest, the participants will get to experience numerous graphic and gameplay adaptations and novelties. At the beginning of the playtesting period, a designated access link to the playtest file will be made available to the community via the official Hash Rush Discord https://discord.com/invite/4YMBHbw and Hash Rush Website https://hashrush.com which will announce the official start.

As previously stated, both old and new supporters will be able to access the playtest under the following circumstances:

  1. Are you a seasoned supporter and have already made one or more purchases via your Vorto Network account? You will be receiving a Vorto Key, an item that will grant you access to the playtest from day one.
  2. Are you a supporter with an active Vorto account but no purchases made? It is never too late to make one! If you opt to purchase something later — at the beginning or during the playtest — you will also be granted a complementary Vorto Key. Due to growing interest, we cannot guarantee immediate access, but we promise to do our best to get you in as soon as possible!
  3. Do you want it all? For those of you in this category, we have prepared a purchasable Rush Key, an item that will — upon purchase — grant you access to the playtest with additional rewards not available by other means. Want to know how to access this item? Keep reading to find out.

And that isn’t all! The benefits of owning one of the keys do not stop with the playtest access or the rewards

Keys made to last.

In Hash Rush, we’re emphasising long-term investments and a decent payout for the entirety of your participation and time spent with this project. The incoming playtest is not only a significant step toward what we have envisioned this ambition of ours to be, but also an excellent opportunity to express our warmest welcome to all of you for every future milestone.

While both the Rush Key and Vorto Key items play an essential role in the current events, we have decided to add a bit more to them and make them a valid access item for every future playtest. That’s right! While you have one of the aforementioned keys available on your Vorto account, you will be eligible to fully access all of our future playtests, and be the first ones to experience the improvements to the game and all of its newly implemented features. Furthermore, if you are looking to sit this one out, we are making the Vorto Key item a drop that will be added to your account with every future purchase!

To clarify things further, we will go through the similarities and differences between the two items:

Everything looks better visualised

Vorto Key

  • Vorto Key is one of the two available access items required to join the upcoming playtest.
  • It is an item awarded to any user with an already created Vorto Network account and at least one previously made purchase. It is possible to receive one by making a purchase during the event, but we cannot guarantee you immediate access due to seizable interest. Make sure you grab one before it is needed!
  • Once it is available, you will find your complementary Vorto Key waiting among your “drops” on your Vorto Network account, free for the taking!
  • Owning Vorto Key grants you access to the incoming playtest and every future playtest as well, as long as you keep it on your Vorto Network account. Note that trading the key or removing it in any other way will remove this benefit!
  • By owning this key during the incoming playtest, you will be rewarded a special hero at some point during the testing period.
  • To keep things fair, we have restricted Vorto Key on one item per account.

Rush Key

  • Rush Key is the second access item available for the upcoming playtest with additional rewards.
  • This item is purchasable. It is available to everyone interested, regardless of whether or not you’ve already made another purchase in the past. The only prerequisite to purchasing this item is an existing Vorto Network account.
  • You can purchase a Rush Key for 100 Rush. Even if you already own a Vorto Key, you are still eligible to make this purchase.
  • For this purpose, we have established a wallet that will be receiving the Rush transactions. After we receive them, each transaction will be verified, and you will be given a Rush Key in exchange.
  • Once purchased, Rushed Key will be available as a “drop” on your Vorto Network account.
  • Keep in mind that the item amount restrictions continue to apply. It is possible to own only one of each type of item per account.
  • Like Vorto Key, owning a Rush Key grants you access throughout the entire duration of testing and access to all future playtests. It also grants you a special hero available to Vorto Keyholders.

Additional rewards for obtaining a Rush Key include a selected piece of equipment and a unique skin for a worthy conclusion to their journey!

Where do all the heroes go?

Besides previously noted gameplay updates and now the participation instructions, it is essential to note the status of a significant bit of Hash Rush: the heroes.

Recently, we have released unique heroes related to the purchase of our Hash Rush comic and the Founder Bundle. Understandably, you are all looking forward to using them. We worked on the additional aspects of the playtest to ensure we provide you with that possibility, granted, with a few restrictions.

Both Founder Bundle heroes and the limited-time comic heroes can be used during the playtest and are preserved upon its completion. For all of those that do not own these heroes, we have opened up an option to craft them in-game. Remember that in-game crafted heroes differ from the purchased permanent ones and will be available to the player only throughout the playtest.

When and where?

The testing is scheduled to begin on the 22nd of April 2022 at 3 PM UTC. Due to the unpredictability of some of the implemented features, we were ensuring their quality meets our standards before coming out with an update. Now we are closer than ever to this long-awaited playtest, and we are expecting to be able to start it up at any moment!

As always, the support of the Hash Rush community has been proven crucial for making this phase possible. Even after all of the technical delays, the optimism is at an all-time high. We are looking forward to sharing the news of the upcoming playtest with as many people as possible, so make sure you spread the word.

After all, with all of the different participation options, there is no reason not to give it a go!

Check our Discord and Telegram.

Where do all the heroes go?



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