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Hash Rush Halloween Event 2020

Greetings Voyagers,

Hot on the heels of our first event, the Crystal Fiend Hunt, we’re pleased to invite you to the Hash Rush Halloween event, starting on Friday the 30th of October (evening) lasting until the 6th of November.

The event brings the Halloween spirit to Hash Rush with Pumpkins, Halloween themed skins, Jack O’Lantern styled enemies, and, the return of the dungeon system.

How the Event Works

Much like our previous event, we have a set community goal and if the community as a whole reaches the goals, special prizes will be unlocked.

However, for this event, we have improved on our past design giving you much more content to play with. Instead of giving the players the task of defeating a single enemy like we did with our previous event, we have added the dungeon feature back to the game in the form of Crystal Corrupted Pumpkins, and the community goal lies within these dungeons.

The dungeon entrance

In total, five (5) dungeons exist per planet; each of these dungeons have their own atmosphere and are inhabited by unique pumpkin corrupted Ernacks.

An early look at a scene from our event dungeon

We’ll have more video tours of the dungeon soon, but for now, here are a few different environmental scenes.

The Community Objectives

Put simply, the player will need to train an army, find and enter the dungeons, defeat the pumpkin-corrupted units, and collect the pumpkins that they drop.

The Pumpkin-naks!

Like before, the pumpkins are counted in a server wide highscore list so when the community reach one of the goals they will unlock one of the special skin prizes.

The two skin prizes
  • To unlock the Jack O’Lantern Helmet, the community will need to collect 5,000 Pumpkins
  • To unlock the Orange Skin, the community will need to collect 10,000 Pumpkins.

Think you have what it takes to challenge the Halloween dungeons? Be sure to join in on the fun with Hash Rush starting on the 30th of October 2020 at 12:00 CET. Be sure to join our Discord server as the team will be streaming the game during the event, showcasing how they clear the dungeons.

Hash Rush is free to play, all you need to do is register an account on the Hash Rush homepage, download the client, and enjoy the game!



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