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Hash Rush — Merry Nack’mas 2020! [Winter Event]

Greetings Voyagers,

Hash Rush is back with another special event, this time celebrating winter 2020, or like the Ernacks affectionately call it, Nack’mas!

In our previous events, we first focused on combat and the end-of-game experience (Titan Hunter event), and our second event focused on the dungeons (Halloween Event).

So, for the third Hash Rush event of 2020, the winter event, we decided that we will focus the event on crafting, afterall, this is a vital part of Hash Rush that has gone somewhat under the radar since the start of our beta.

The event is due to start on the 21st of December.

Now, without further ado, let’s look at the event!

Hash Rush Winter Event 2020

“Voyagers, a great calamity has struck the Hermeian Galaxy, it is close to Nack’mas Eve, but the Crystal Scourge have stolen and hidden the presents that were destined for all the Ernacks, big and small.

Find the presents while the Traveller scouts the land for the perfect Tree (now known as the Traveller’s Pine) to help the Ernack bring the Nack’ma Spirit back to Hermeia!

Once you have found collected your share of presents, the Traveller will reward you with the skills and materials needed to magically grow the Traveller’s Pine!”

The ultimate goal of this event is to craft the special Traveller’s Pine, however this is not a task that any one player will achieve alone. Instead, the community must work together.

The Traveller’s Pine

As this event focuses on the crafting system, when the player first logs into the game (once the event starts) they will be given a special blueprint that allows them to craft the Traveller’s Pine.

The Blueprint will be stored in the player’s inventory in the same way as all other Blueprints and in-game items.

However, to actually craft the Blueprint, the player will need two special resources that can only be found by completing the Traveller’s quest, player’s will need to recover presents that are scattered on their planet.

Red Presents

These will spawn on the planet like the normal unique resources. So, the player will need to explore their planet to locate them, once they have found the present, they will need to send an Ernack (any unit will do) to collect it.

The Red Present

Blue Presents

These were once Red Presents after picked up by the monsters of the Crystal Scourge and brought into their lairs, have turned blue thanks to their close proximity to the Crystals.

The Blue Present

In order to collect the Blue Presents, players must find the Crystal Scourge buildings and lairs, then destroy them. Once the building is destroyed the Blue Present will be automatically collected.

Community Goals

As a community, the players will need to collect a total of 2500 Red Presents and 1500 Blue Presents. When the goal as been reached, the players will be granted one of the two resources required to summon the Traveller’s Pine.

2500 Red Present grants the player the Ernack Nack’mas Tree (resource)

1500 Blue Present grants the player the Ernack Nack’mas Spirit (resource)

Do note that the tasks to collect the two presents are separate so the community will always know exactly how many more presents are needed to unlock the resources.

And finally, as well as the Tree and the Spirit (as resources), 1000 Crystals will be needed to being work on the Blueprint.

Once the Blueprint research has been complete, the player will be able to place the Traveller’s Pine by opening their building menu. From there they can select and place the Traveller’s Pine anywhere in their base.

Players can only have one (1) Traveller’s Pine in their city, however if the Tree is destroyed, or if the player moves to a new planet, they will be able to build a new one.

Essentially, once work on the Blueprint is complete, the player will have the Traveller’s Pine permanently unlocked on their account.

We hope that you will enjoy this event!

Hash Rush is in its open BETA phase and is free to play. All you need to do is register an account on our website and download the client. If you would like to learn more about Hash Rush we recommend that you join our Discord server as this is where the community and the team hangs out!



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