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Hash Rush October Progress Update

Greetings Voyagers,

We hope that you are all doing fine and staying healthy. As it’s been a while since we’ve posted the last news update we thought that this would be a great opportunity to have a look at what we’re working on in Hash Rush and what you can expect from us in the near future.

In this article, we will cover:

  • An introduction to our upcoming Halloween Event
  • A special program for our alpha and pre-alpha players
  • A small teaser on our blockchain development

So without further ado, let’s begin!

Hash Rush Halloween 2020

First up on our list is our follow up to the Crystal Fiend Hunt. As Halloween is just around the corner, we wanted to make this event fit the Halloween theme so you can expect some lots of pumpkins and spooky fun.

Here is a teaser of some of the assets that will be used in the upcoming event. As there are no banana in the Hermeian Galaxy, an Ernack Worker has been added for scale!

We will go into more detail on how this event will work later in the week, but we want to give you a quick rundown of how it will work. The biggest news of this event is that it will mark the return of the highly popular dungeon feature!

Here’s a brief overview of how the event will work:

  • Once the event starts, players will see that every planet will have 5 special Pumpkin buildings, these are the entrances to the new dungeons.
  • The player will need to train an army large enough (in their opinion) to clear the dungeon and send the troops to the dungeon.
  • Once the troops are inside the dungeon, the player will join them and will be sent to an entirely new location/map, this is the dungeon.
Here we have a dungeon teaser. Lighting/effects/layout are still work-in-progress, however you can get a good feel for the dungeon already!

Inside the dungeon, the player will encounter ‘Pumpkinacks and Pumkinoggs’ (can you guess what these units will look like?) and the player will need to defeat them all.

  • Defeating a Pumpkinack will grant the player 1 Pumpkin and the Pumkinoggs grants them 5 Pumpkins.
  • Once all of the enemy units have been defeated, or once all of the player’s troops have been defeated, the player will be automatically sent out of the dungeon (with a short time delay).
  • Repeat the process for each of the 5 Pumpkin dungeons per planet.

Don’t worry, we have not forgotten about the prizes. This time, players will be aiming to gather 1500 Pumpkins to unlock the Pumpkin Head skin, and 3500 Pumpkins to unlock the Orange Jumpsuit.

The two skins that players will be able to unlock!

For the Alphas!

We’d like to give a special call-out to our alpha players and pre-alpha players. Looking at Hash Rush, we can all see that the project has evolved since the initial conception, and will continue to evolve as we look for more ways to develop the project. However one thing is certain, we have only been able to get this far thanks to the community sticking by us.

One particular group within our community that we want to officially recognize are the early alpha and pre-alpha players/testers, and we’ve been thinking about the best way to engage with this group. Today, we’re announcing the start of our alpha recognition project.

What does this mean and how will it work? Firstly, for now, this project will live on Discord, a special user group has been created along with a special set of channels. If you were an alpha player and are on Discord, simply contact Darkfall who will verify your claim, and if everything checks out, add you to the group. As for what it means, we want to engage with you much closer to learn what you liked about Hash Rush from back in our early days, what it was that kept you around, and complete one of our long-standing promises — to grant all alpha players a special skin. This does come with a special twist, however, as we’re giving you the chance to design the skin yourself.

So, if you had an account with Hash Rush from the 27th of July or before, join us on Discord (if you’re not already there) and give us a ping to join in.

For our non-alpha players, don’t worry, we promise that you will have something similar soon as well. In fact, we are planning to develop this type of event, code-named ‘Design Hash Rush’, to go hand in hand with our future NFT system as a way to really showcase how blockchain can be used in gaming in the best way possible.

A Quick Word on Blockchain Development

Lately, some of you have been bringing up the question, ‘what is going on with the Hash Rush blockchain integration’ so we want to give you a quick update. We are working on a much larger news update for you — to really dive into our current development state/progress and where we are — but that will come in the following few weeks.

What we can tell you here and now is that our focus has been on security and making sure that the Hash Rush Wallet Service is entirely safe for all users. To that extent, our recent focus has been on investigating whether or not we can make use of a special mask that happens to be meta, to work with our blockchain integration. We’re sure that you can figure out what we mean, right?

That’s it for this update, do keep checking in as we’re going to have a lot more on the Halloween event in the next few days. Join us on Discord and/or Telegram to join the Hash Rush community and meet the team!



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