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Hash Rush Progress Update — May 2020

Hello there everyone,

It has been quite a while since we last wrote to you talking about what we’ve been working on, needless to say the global situation has affected pretty much everyone and we sincerely hope that all of you out there remain healthy and safe!

You’ll be pleased to know that we have been surviving well, and work on Hash Rush continues. So, we’re going to take this moment to let you in on what we have been working on, and some of our plans for the immediate future.

Without further ado, let’s begin!

Game Development

Let’s get things started with the most important topic of them all, what is our progress in the game’s development, and what have we been doing?

Let’s address the elephant in the room first. The game has been in development for quite a long time now and we know that many in our community have been wondering what is going on. We will be addressing this next week in a much more detailed review into what went on last year and what we managed to achieve. The important points are that, even in periods of relative silence, the game was actively worked on, and our developers over at Tractor Set Go! are the most dedicated bunch that we could ever hope to have!

So, what is going on now?

If you are in our Discord or Telegram groups you may have seen some of our members talking about a potential soft beta launch in summer of 2020. Let us confirm that now, yes we are working towards a summer beta.

In order to prepare for this soft beta launch, our developers have been hard at work polishing, adding, and even removing features from the game. (Note that we are only removing features that need heavy work to improve, they will be re-added later on).


The crafting system has been a long term goal for us. Earlier this year we made some big progress towards it with the introduction of the Prospector, a specialized unit that can collect the unique resources found on the planet. As well as that, the prospector functions as a scout unit, using its lantern to clear the crystal fog. This was a heavily requested feature by our early testers, so we are happy to be able to add it in!

From concept to creation, the Ernack Prospector

When you collect the resources, you will be able to use them to craft special items in our new crafting screen.

For the upcoming soft beta launch, the crafting items will be only focused on the Bounty Campaigns (now called the Leaderboard Challenge), so the resources will be crafted into special tombs that will grant you Galaxy Points.

Craft tombs and sell them for Galaxy Points!

Now you’re probably wondering, what is a Galaxy Point? To answer that, we’ll have to look at our new Leaderboard Challenge design.

Re-working the Bounty Campaigns — Now called the Leaderboard Challenge

The idea behind Bounty Campaigns was really popular, however the execution did leave a bit to be desired. Therefore, we are changing how they work so that they are much more repeatable, and also a lot easier to take part in. Now, everyone that plays beyond a certain date will be automatically added in.

The Leaderboard Challenge now works with Galaxy Points.

The Galaxy Point Icon

These are special points that you get by playing the game. Did you defeat an enemy? Get Galaxy Points. Have you gathered Crystals? Sell them for Galaxy Points.

The new Leaderboard Challenge positioning will be based around your Galaxy Points and we will be running new campaigns weekly.


To round up our ‘what we did in May’ from the game development perspective, we come to the balancing part of the game. Though it’s not glamorous, it is vital!

Since we’ve added in the feature that makes the monsters actively seek out and attack your base, we’ve been play-testing the game ourselves and also listening to what you think. So, those of you who were defeated by the Crystal Scourge early in the game, rejoice!

We have been actively tweaking the strength of the monsters and have made the game much more playable, without making it too easy.

From our Art Team

Fans of our artists will be curious to see what they have been working on, so enjoy these teasers of great things to come!

Let’s start with some familiar Heroic Ernacks — but this time ready in a card format. What do you think this means for the future?

We are also actively expanding our crafting system, so don’t worry, it will not just be a way to get Galaxy Points.

But what are these new items? You will eventually be able to craft special items that can only be equipped to your Heroic units.

Check out the designs of these two items. Just do keep in mind that they are still work-in-progress, so the final in game versions may be different.

That brings us to the end of this quick news blast. We do recommend that you check back with us next week as we are writing up three articles that will look at everything that happened last year (article 1), what we are doing now (article 2), and our plans for the future (article 3).




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