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Hash Rush Trip Report: Tokyo Game Show

We have just returned home after a great time in Japan showing off Hash Rush at the crazy, loud, colourful madness that is Tokyo Game Show.

The Hash Rush team at TGS

Around 300,000 visitors (almost 50,000 more than last year!) attended what is the largest gaming event in Japan, and together with over 660 other exhibitors a small team from VZ Games joined the fray. We were located in the New Stars Area along with other indie devs from around the world, and VZ Games are proud to have been the first ever Latvian studio to have a presence at Tokyo Game Show!

It was the first trip to Japan for a couple of us (Jethro and Craig), and a return visit for Nathan who met up with our Japanese Community Manager, Yoshi. After a long day of setup (that wall art’s not going to attach itself!), we were good to go, returned to the hotel to freshen up and prepare for the throng of gamers that would descend upon the magnificent Makahari Messe in the morning.

Tokyo at night

Yoshi guided us to a nearby shopping area in Chiba where we found a modest restaurant serving what turned out to be the best sushi we’d ever had — two hunched over old masters producing a constant flow of sushi to order, as well as keeping the bar’s conveyor belt stocked full of beautiful, perfectly cut nigiri. A true highlight from the trip!

The next morning at the venue we found queues extended literally around the airport terminal-sized building as made our way in and prepared for the rush. Visitors arrive in such numbers that the event organizers have to stagger entry throughout the day — every hour on the hour more attendees are let in, and with running prohibited, we saw some phenomenal speed walking on display from each wave of eager fans.

We were truly proud of the showing we had at TGS and received a lot of very positive feedback for the game. Once again we were incredibly happy with the number and range of players who lined up to give the game a try, and for all the positive feedback and compliments on the graphics and art style. We love seeing young kids getting to grips with the game and the way the Ernacks have so much appeal to them.

We’re especially humbled by the praise Hash Rush received every day for being such an impressive game for still being in alpha. Oh, and Nathan was a hit with our Instagram cut out and is now the subject of many a meme in Japan, probably.

We want to extend a special thank you to Yoshi for his tireless efforts for making Tokyo Game Show such a great success this year. On top of his community and social media responsibilities, Yoshi has also been hard at work translating the game to Japanese, all the while coordinating with the event staff in the lead up to TGS and managing our awesome team of Japanese supporters who helped us manage the booth. So, a huge dōmo arigatō for a great event!

Finally, a massive thanks from everyone at VZ Games to all who stopped by the booth last week — the team hopes to see you all there again in 2019!

If you want to read more about Hash Rush and the game, go to our website, follow our blog, join our newsletter or talk to us on Discord!



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