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Lore Spotlight — The Ernack Heroes Part 2

Carax — The Invoker

Our latest edition of Lore Spotlight is ready, giving you an insight into the lore found in Hash Rush!

Last week we gave you the first look at the Ernack Heroes, featuring Farion the Shatterer of Mountains, and this week we are going to continue that theme and introduce an all-new Ernack Hero, Carex, The Invoker.

So without further ado, let’s begin!

Before the Crypto Crystal Storm, Carax was a young mischievous Trinell, who raised himself on the streets of Cryptonia. He was looked down on by the populous for rejecting the teachings of Zel’dien, the legendary teacher of the Traveller, and for seeking his own, much darker path.

Ultimately, this path resulted in him being cast out of Cryptonia for proclaiming that there will be a day soon when the God of Darkness, Razz, will arrive and he, Carax, would be chosen as his emissary.

Cast out and banished, Carax spent years planning his revenge against the people, until one day he learned that Zel’dien, along with the Grand Mage Melighar, had found the legendary Braces of Cryptar. Seeing his opportunity, Carax formed a plan to steal the artifact for himself.

When the time was right, Carax put his plan into operation and managed to get as far as to enter the chamber that held the Braces of Cryptar. However, as he approached the Braces, he noticed a light shining in the corner of the room and knew that he was not alone, Zel’dien himself was watching with keen eyes. Shocked at seeing him, Carax ran back to the chamber doors and tried to leave, but the doors would not open.

Smirking to himself, Zel’dien stepped out of the shadows and walked to the artifact, then looked at Carex. ‘Take them’ he said, shocking Carax.

‘But why? Why would you let me simply take that which you spent so long searching for?’ Carax asked?

To that Zel’dien replied ‘Perhaps someday you will understand, we still know almost nothing about the artifacts of Arcana, but I am sure that you will be the one to uncover the secrets.

Just as Ze’dien finished talking, the Citadel bells started to ring, and with that he disappeared. Confused at what just happened Carax gathered himself and went for the door which was now open

He ran downstairs passing many scholars who were leading the students to safety. Once he reached the main entrance, he saw a giant shield forming around the city, knowing that something terrible was starting, Carax quickly ran through the city. However, before Carax could escape the city, the shield began to fail and giant Crystals began to land on the city.

While staring in amazement at the shield and running for his life at the same time, Carax tripped and the braces fell a few meters in front of him. Looking up he noticed several Trinell had been trapped in a building nearby, and a giant shadow formed by a Crystal that had breached the shield was rapidly growing.

Looking between the braces, then at the trapped Trinell, Carax let out a scream and crawled to save the trapped Trinell. Smashing a hole in the door he freed the trapped Trinell, but before he could exit the building himself, the ceiling collapsed on top of him. Knowing that death was certain, he looked outside, saw the braces then closed his eyes and smirked.

After the dust had settled Carax faintly opened his eyes and was shocked to see his small stature and then noticed that there was a glowing entity behind him shielding him from the crystals and rubble.

The entity spoke “Rise” and with those words, Carax stood up and gazed at the entity with him. Together they began moving the rubble and crystals aside, and as they worked, Carax looked at his hands and was shocked to see the Braces of Cryptar had attached themselves to his wrists. Carax looked back as the entity first revealed himself to be the Traveller, the disciple of Zel’dien, and then vanished into the air.

Just before he vanished, Carax heard the Traveller say “Hm, so he has chosen his vessel.” Upon hearing those words Carax fainted, and the darkness took hold of him again.

When Carax woke he found himself in the Lone Tower with Farion, who explained what had happened. Remembering what Ze’dien told him about the artifacts of Arcana, Carax resolved to travel onwards, alone, to learn more about the Bracers that had attached themselves to him and the powers that they held.

Unknown to him, in the distance, the Traveller watched as Carax’s body disappeared into the fog. He knew that Carax would need to get used to his new found power soon if he were to become one of the new guardians of Cryptonia.



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