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The Final Frontier: Hermeian Galaxy

Beyond the known Universe, a different set of laws shape reality. A galactic wonder, teeming with life and the mystery of its origin, a faraway galaxy at the tip of your fingers, lies among the infinite stream of stars and stone. Life found a way in the hostile environment of the ancient Hermeian galaxy and divided itself into defined galactic sectors, each unique and ever-evolving.

Beyond the Starlit Cluster, the galactic “Sun” consisting of thousands of stars, lie the worlds created in flames, developed in abundance, and restored in chaos.

Little is known about the origins and rules that shaped its world, but the most unbelievable, magical occurrences support the wildest theories; stories of gods, legends, and intelligent architects omnipresent in various forms in the scripts of every intelligent Hermeian race. Whatever the forces of creation had blessed (or cursed) it with, for better or worse, it remains the glorious, burning anomaly, hidden in the cold, dark depths of the infinity.

Many stories ought to be told in their time, neither more fascinating than the rest. But the journey into the unknown is always a more pleasant beginning with the relatable ones. For you, new ones on this journey, we present the world of the Hermeian galaxy through Cryptonia, a world built on visions, ambitions, and the ability to adapt and overcome.

Cryptonia: The Cradle of Knowledge

The story of Cryptonia is one about knowledge and progress. With the most diverse selection of biomes, it is known to be the richest among the galactic seats, flaunting numerous natural resources: luscious woods, rich mines, abundant water sources, and a great variety of wildlife. Here, in the Cryptonian sector, the first intelligent race after the Eldarians was recorded. With their physical similarities and mental abilities beyond comprehension, the legend of their Eldarian ancestry holds strong through the generations.

Warmed by the light of Cryptonian Suns, the twin stars in the center of the Cryptonian planetary system, Cryptonia overflows with natural riches and developed residential areas.

They called themselves Trinellians, a highly evolved nation of knowledge-seekers and arcanists known for their social and political connections unlike any other. Prior to the devastation brought forth by the Crystal Scourge event, the social instability caused by a century-long dispute involving the fabled artifact of Cryptonia — the Braces of Cryptar — threatened to destroy the City of Cryptonia. With an ongoing battle between the contemporary seat of power, Citadel, and the self-proclaimed inheritors of the Braces, the Lone Tower, Trinellians were unprepared for a disaster. Despite the early warnings from the Arcanist Society and mages of the Golden Grove, Trinellans remained oblivious of the danger it presented, believing in their superiority until the final moment that set their world ablaze, swallowing hundreds of years of consecutive progress.

A Knack to Ernack

Bringing the never-before encountered force with it, the Crystal Scourge changed the face of both Cryptonia and its residents. The creatures previously known as Trinellians seemingly vanished. A race of small, blue creatures appeared in their place, standing at a fraction of the height of proud Trinellians used to be. With the ability to speak being taken away from them, their identity was wiped out, leaving them to build up their nation from the ground up once more.

Perplexed and falling victims to the newly-emerged life forms known as ‘scourge beasts’, the remaining units were decimated in battle and survival on a planet that no longer suited them. Just when the nation’s end seemed inevitable, a new leader emerged.

A mysterious figure speculated to be a former pupil of the arcanist master Zel’dien, emerged as an unexpected leader that would save Cryptonia.

Known simply as the Traveller, the newly-proclaimed figure of authority gathered the remaining units, offering them new knowledge and a new identity: Ernacks. After confusion and fear subsided, it was clear that, regardless of the overwhelming loss suffered, Ernacks kept what they cherished the most — their ability to learn.

With a new goal found, the remaining troops rearranged and readjusted their forces, working to rebuild their home amidst the ever-looming threat of scourge beasts and their growing numbers. While the once tightly connected parts of the Hermeian galaxy fight their own battles against the remains of the scourge, Ernacks are left to their own devices and wit to find a way to thrive once more. To win, they need all the help they can get.

Friends In The Right Places

And this is where you come into the picture! What other mysteries does the history of Ernacks hold? Or, more importantly, what does the future of Cryptonia look like? Seasons change, and the enemy never rests. With newly-discovered threats and tasks to fulfill, only a capable leader is the correct answer for the salvation of the Cryptonian sector.

Dive into the world of post-scourge Cryptonia right away and begin a vast journey through the story of the Hermeian galaxy and the world of Hash Rush one step at a time.

The next chapter of their story is in your hands.



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