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The First Hash Rush Team Meetup

Making video games is fun!

Team Hash Rush — In all its glory
Left to right — Sintija, Laura, and Dita
“The Corner House” — The KGB Building
The team that eats together, stays together.
The “get-carried-by-Rudolph” team
The “get-owned-by-Rudolph” team
Nick our Concept Artist fully immersed in VR

Let’s Get Down to Business

Archie kicking off the week
Fuelled by coffee
Locked and loaded
Beer and briefing

Collaboration — A Team Unified

Game development is hungry business…
Left to Right: Matt, Rick, Nathan, Oskar
Left to Right: Christian, Andrea, Horea, Jethro

Onward and Upwards

Left to Right: Nicholas NG and Dendy Dhamier
Tractor, Set, Go! Showcasing some gameplay

What an amazing team we have…

Game Design and Development in deep talks
Left to Right: Horea, Andrea, Tenzin, Adrian, Matt, Nicholas, Archie, Dendy
Laura and Nathan ready to tuck in
Picture 1 -Left to Right: Archie, Kris and Nathan - Picture 2 — Tractor, Set, Go! Left to Right: Christian, Andrea, Adrian and Horea
Picture 1 Art — Left to Right: Nicholas and Dendy - Picture 2 Marketing & Community — Left to Right: Matt, Tenzin and Craig
Picture 1 VZ Chains — Kris and Ivars - Picture 2 Sintija, Laura and Dita
Picture 1 Game Design/Art — Left to Right: Dendy, Nathan, Rick, Adrian, Nicholas — Picture 2 Riga Office Staff
Picture 1 Left to Right: Archie and Rudolph - Picture 2 Jethro, Kris and Craig
Team Hash Rush!
But a hearty brunch made it easier…



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