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The First Hash Rush Team Meetup

Making video games is fun!

Team Hash Rush — In all its glory
Left to right — Sintija, Laura, and Dita
“The Corner House” — The KGB Building
The team that eats together, stays together.
The “get-carried-by-Rudolph” team
The “get-owned-by-Rudolph” team
Nick our Concept Artist fully immersed in VR

Let’s Get Down to Business

With our tutorial quest completed and everyone now firmly bonded, it was time for us to embark on our main storyline. We kicked off our Monday in the office with a presentation from Archie.

Archie kicking off the week
Fuelled by coffee
Locked and loaded
Beer and briefing

Collaboration — A Team Unified

With more workshops the following day, we were in full swing. You could feel the creative juices flowing around the office as we broke into teams to talk all things, Hash Rush.

Game development is hungry business…
Left to Right: Matt, Rick, Nathan, Oskar
Left to Right: Christian, Andrea, Horea, Jethro

Onward and Upwards

With us reaching our third day of collaborative working, it was apparent that we were on fire! With so many discussions leading to some amazing verdicts, it was amazing to see this team which had, for the most part, relied on conference calls, and messaging working so perfectly together.

Left to Right: Nicholas NG and Dendy Dhamier
Tractor, Set, Go! Showcasing some gameplay

What an amazing team we have…

With Thursday already upon us (where had the time gone!?) we were all dialled into the tasks we were working on, the workshops were flying and we were all feeling really good about what we had achieved thus far.

Game Design and Development in deep talks
Left to Right: Horea, Andrea, Tenzin, Adrian, Matt, Nicholas, Archie, Dendy
Laura and Nathan ready to tuck in
Picture 1 -Left to Right: Archie, Kris and Nathan - Picture 2 — Tractor, Set, Go! Left to Right: Christian, Andrea, Adrian and Horea
Picture 1 Art — Left to Right: Nicholas and Dendy - Picture 2 Marketing & Community — Left to Right: Matt, Tenzin and Craig
Picture 1 VZ Chains — Kris and Ivars - Picture 2 Sintija, Laura and Dita
Picture 1 Game Design/Art — Left to Right: Dendy, Nathan, Rick, Adrian, Nicholas — Picture 2 Riga Office Staff
Picture 1 Left to Right: Archie and Rudolph - Picture 2 Jethro, Kris and Craig
Team Hash Rush!
But a hearty brunch made it easier…



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