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Where It Comes to Life: Hush Behind the Rush

When video games are discussed, the first thing that comes to mind is almost certainly anything related to the final product: gameplay, graphics, sound, etc. To say we are immune to an occasional one-sided analysis such as this one would simply be a lie, but having the ability to change how our team’s work is perceived from the outside allows us to lead by example and present a more rounded image of what it takes to get to the final product.

The aspects of game development are many, and Hash Rush is no exception. Naturally, we rush (:^)) to introduce things that make it appealing and attention-grabbing, but what’s with the personality behind this charming wall of graphic wonders? Recently, we feel like we’re falling into the same behavioral matrix we’ve seen with products like Hash Rush: bringing all that’s visible further into the front row and leaving the background work to the imagination. But our fantastic team of developers deserves better!

If updates on the “down and dirty” part of the development are something that sparks your interest, then you’re in luck!

Besides the standard information on the up-to-date visuals and mechanics, we have decided to include a type of bi-weekly updates that will dab a little into the massive portion of development happening behind the curtain. Don’t worry if you’re not friends with the dictionary of gaming development because we are — first and foremost — aiming to bring bits and pieces of the process closer to those who have little to no knowledge of the technicalities, as well as provide an enjoyable read to those that do.

Once every two weeks, you will get an opportunity to find out curious details behind the production from logs and notes of our developers and the work they are getting done for the upcoming and/or current in-game content!

Seeing how the goal of these expositions is to introduce the ongoing processes behind Hash Rush in a user-relevant way, we will avoid overly-technical and unnecessarily hard-to-digest terms. However, if what we share with you further manages to interest you in the process, that is an even bigger win than we had hoped for, and we will be keeping our other channels open for additional inquiries. We are always grateful for your interest and active participation in discussing the changes and work being done on Hash Rush.

And make sure to tell us what you think of everything we put on display!

P.S: If you’ve reached this far, could somebody tell Lixil that I did my best to keep it short? Cheers! :)



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