about Me

My name is Randy, I come from Kaohsiung. I am interested in listening music and playing the guitar and table-tennis. I also like to travel, two years ago I went to Japan by myself for a week. It is a very exciting travel because I have to handle all the situation I faced, and I tried my best to use Japanese to communicate with people.

The most impressive thing is the day I went to Nikko, I ate tofu skin food in a restaurant, the boss is very kind and she took a picture for me by her Polaroid, and she gave me one of two photos as present, the other one was collected in the album. It is very interesting that I can check the album to see who had been to this store from all of the world.

I have worked in semiconductor company for three years, responsible for maintaining machine on the production line. It is a very challenging job, because I usually have to resolve the issues on the production line within limited time. If there is a miss, the loss will be very huge, so we have to concentrate on works all day long.

The first reason I came to ITI is I would like work with people, not just machines. The second reason is I have no business background, so I want to learn the related knowledge.

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