About Myself

Hi I’m Zoe from Taoyuan City. I grew up in a loving family, there are four members in my family. I have a younger brother who is five years younger than me.

Although I am a Leo, in most of cases, I’m an internally passion guy. Some people who first meet me will not think I am a Leo. In fact, I am a person who really likes making friends from different backgrounds cause I like to listen stories and I always willing to try different things. I like traveling, exploring any delicious foods, singing and go jogging in my leisure time.

I graduated from Chung Yuan Christian University and majored in International Business. I have two different work experiences. I worked as a management associate in the department store, so I have some experiences of negotiating with suppliers, proposing marketing strategies to evaluate the sales performance. Another work experience was being a international sales assistant in a trade company. Because of my past working experiences, I found that would like to be a international sale in the future and English skill will play important role in this job, that is the reason why I came to ITI. I would share some nice restaurants, some music, and keep some of my diary in this blog in the future.

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