When I was a little girl, I got a little cute bird from my mom. I gave her a name “ADI”. ADI was a girl. She was small but had rich and thick feather, which made her look like a snow ball. She was clever and clingy. She was my best friend during my childhood.

ADI and I spent all time together (after school). We shared one apple. We drank a cup of water. She stood on my shoulder and sang when I was playing piano. When I was writing homework, she was so bored that she always tried to stop me by biting my pencil. Of course, I didn’t stop writing because I needed to finish my homework firstly then I can play with her. I think she knew it, so she jumped to top of my pencil then fell asleep.

One day, I lost a ping pong competition. I was sitting in front of my desk and I couldn’t stop crying. Suddenly, ADI jumped to my shoulder, went near to me and started to suck the tears on my face. That moment was really touching, like she was saying “Hey, it’s ok. You can count on me. I will be with you!” Therefore, I turned tears into smiles!

I am really graceful that there is a ADI in my life. Although she is not here anymore, I will always remember she is my first pet and forever friend. She is the best!