Mice Marriage

Once upon a time, a pair of mouse parents had a glamorous daughter. They wanted to find a greatest, strongest son-in-law to marry their daughter. However, who is the greatest person in the world?

The parents went outside, seeing the sun above their head. Suddenly, they figured out that the sun is their best choice because he can light up and bring warmness to the world. Therefore, they went to meet the sun and asked him if he can be their son-in-law. “I am sorry. I think the cloud is stronger than me because he can cover me up.” the sun politely replied.

Then, the parents went to visit the cloud. “We think you are the best in the world. Can you marry my daughter?” they asked excitedly. “Umm…I think you should go and find the wind. He can blow me away so he is the strongest. I guess…” the cloud answered them with a confused face.

The parents left again and went to see the wind. They thought this time will be the right person without doubt. They asked the same question to the wind as before. “I am afraid I’m not as strong as you think. I can not blow the wall down.” the wind said.

The parents were very depressed when they left. They went to meet the wall, who may be the last chance to marry their daughter. “Mr. Wall, the greatest one in the world, can you marry my beautiful daughter?” they asked hopefully. “Are you kidding me! The most horrible thing in the world is you, mouse! You guys can make holes on me. If you are not the strongest then who cloud be?!” the wall laughed loudly and looked at them incredibly.

Finally, The mouse parents realized that the most suitable one to be their son-in-law is not the other but themselves, mouse! They found a greatest young male mice, and had a grand wedding on the third day of the Chinese Lunar New Year. This is the reason why there is a custom in Chinese culture that we don’t wake up early on the third day of the Chinese Lunar New Year because we don’t want to disturb the mouse’s wedding.

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