My Addiction to Classical Music

I have learned to play the piano since I was in kindergarten. I think it’s because of this reason that I have listened to many pieces of classical music and fall in love with them.

These pieces of music are a harmony that blends various of notes smoothly and perfectly together into a melody. Whenever listening to classical music, I feel a sense of peace and of calm. Different from electron music, classical music is usually soft and will not be deafeningly loud. If it is a song I love, I can listen to that song repeatedly and never feel tired of it.

Another thing that attracts me a lot about classical music is that it always strengthens my feelings. For example, when I feel relax, Chopin’s music can make me feel even relax. When I feel happy, Paganini’s music can make me feel happier and want to dance. When I feel bored and expect nothing about the day, Schubert’s music is always encouraging and can always make me feel excited again. This is the reason why I usually listened to Schubert’s music in the morning on my way to school. A boring morning may suddenly become interesting. I always felt confident and became exited again to face all the difficulties after listening to Schubert’s music. That kind of happiness and confidence can be seen from the smile on my face. I cannot help but always wear a big smile after listening to the music.

To me, classical music is the magic in modern world. It makes busy people relax and take a rest. It makes a boring life become interesting again. It not only strengthens one’s mood but also change the atmosphere in a space. That are the reason why I love classical music so much.

This must be the best example to make you know how I feel when listen to the classical music in the morning. Hope you enjoy it.