My Favorite

I have been dating with my boyfriend for couple months. One of my favorite things is spending time with him, especially, traveling.

He is a gentle and warm-heart guy I have had never met before. He has a strong sense of humor. We had so much fun when we were traveling, shopping, and even just staying in a cafe shop. He always makes me smile and feel pleased. He knows how to taking care of me when I were in a bad mood.

Although we stay in different city since we’ve been together. Once we had time, we would go traveling.

The first day we decided to be together. We went to Jhubei City and visited chessboard rock for celebrating.

We had tried several times to make this photo perfect. Because of it, I need to lose some weight. In case he drops me down someday.

In the following day, we’d been to a small church in Taoyuan City, shooting the most popular posture in a tunnel. After visiting the church and tunnel, we went to Daxi Street. We explored many delicious food there. To sum up the trip, it was the most cherish day ever.

This is another photo of that posture. Taking in Ilan.

Because he lives in Xizhi City which means we can easily travel to Ilan whenever we want. We explored a lot of places which have been popular in social media recently.

How messy my hair is!

We love to make funny face when we are taking selfie. Just like the photo on the right. I remember when we were trying to take a nice photo, the wind was too strong to let me control my hair perfectly. Finally, I gave up and rolled my eyes at the strong wind.

The picture blow is our last trip before I starting study in ITI. He planned this trip for couple days, and truly, it was amazing. We drove to the top of the mountain, actually, he drove (I don’t really drive in Taiwan). We took so many picture there, and we ate some delicious food as well.

After we took this picture, we all love it. NEAT!

Calligraphy Greenway in Taichung City. Our favorite spot.

Taichung, is considered as the most suitable living area in Taiwan. As for me, it is the most lovely and memorable city in Taiwan. We love Taichung so much. Although we didn’t live in Taichung, we still love it.

Happy graduation to me!

Even after my real graduation ceremony in Taipei, we came to Taichung to take pictures. This trip was to fulfill my dream. Because he is serving army, he barely has time to come out. Our dating days are limit. Therefore, we celebrated my graduation in Taichung.

Fengjia Night Market is our favorite night market in Taiwan. We had a bunch of awesome food there, such as mung bean smoothie with milk, boiled salted chicken and gua bao… etc. Every time we visit here, we surely can find some unexpectedly delicious small eats.

We love eating small eats so we have chubby faces.

When we first time visiting Fengjia Night Market, he wanted to have some mung bean smoothie badly. After googling for a while, we found out there was a store located in center of Fengjia Night Market. We ran through there as fast as we could (I don’t know why we ran but we just did). When we reached there, there was no queue! How could it be so popular on the Internet but turn out there was no one queue for it? However, after trying it, we all fell in love with the drink so badly. Since that, every time we traveled here, the first thing we do was heading to the mung bean smoothie store.

Tamsui sakura.
The Luce Chapel which is located in Tunghai University.
A Starbucks with traditional building in the city of ceramics, Yingge.
The sunset of Yong-an Fish Harbor.

I love to travel with this guy so much that I wish he could also join ITI with me. However, he has already found a job in Taipei after he serving army, which seems pretty good actually.

Nowadays, we will plan the trip first before we both have time. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and always seize every moment you have together, because you never know when will be the last time. We cherish every moment when we are being together and enjoy the moments we travel.