My Favorite Band — Bring Me The Horizon

Bring Me The Horizon, aka BMTH, is a British rock band. BMTH is formed in March 2004 by 4 original members aged 15~17, and Jordan Fish (keyboard) joined in 2012.

  • Oliver Sykes − lead vocals, programming, keyboards
  • Matt Kean − bass
  • Lee Malia − lead guitar , rhythm guitar, backing vocals
  • Matt Nicholls − drums, percussion
  • Jordan Fish − keyboards, programming, percussion, vocals
The British rock band Bring Me The Horizon

At the beginning, BMTH’s 4 members came from multiple musical background within Metal and Rock. Due to the special sound of their vocal, Oliver Sykes, they created a new trend of Screamo — a kind of rock music style within Metalcore / Hardcore. There was an interesting interview that Oliver’s mom said “ Oilver always spoke every sentence with screaming sound, and she was surprised it help her kid becoming a famous singer someday! “

BMTH - Oilver Sykes at Vans Warped Tour 2013

Now, BMTH has released 5 albums and became one of the famous band in the world. My favorite one is “Sempiternal”, which was recorded and released in 2013. Sempiternal is also the one they first tried to add the element of electronic music, and it made a big success. After the successful album releasing, BMTH became worldwide famous — they were nominated for 
Best British Band continuous 3 years and won 2 of them since 2013.

Sempiternal by BMTH

I have been to an live concert of BMTH at Taipei in November 2014. It was like a dream come true of me. That concert was so perfect and emotional, and every audience totally went crazy! I can still heard the melody of that day, every song they performed is deeply touching my heart.

BMTH — Taipei live