My Favorite Movie — Yes Man

This movie is about a normal guy who is sticked in a boring life and struggling to find his way out.

Carl was a manages finances special commissioner who could always find any kinds of excuses for anything he faced with. After divorcing with his ex-wife, he stayed home watching DVD every night and refused any social event. These had changed when his friend introduced him a lecture called “YES”. The speaker said to Carl that he must say yes to every opportunity instead of no to avoid unfortunate and persue a happier day.

He started saying yes to every offer and request, becoming a “YES MAN”. Unexpectedly, his life really changed dramatically. He met Allison, a beautiful lady who was vocal in a band, and fulled in love with her. Once he was arrested by police due to some mistakes and Allison uncovered that all his promise and behavior might just some reflection actions. She couldn’t tell which parts of him were true and disappeared suddenly.

I think I should stop here so maybe someone would want to find the ending by his/herself. The main reason that I was touched by this movie is the Actress, Zooey Deschanel. Based on the emotional factor, it influenced me deeply in mind. It makes me believe that a positive attitude for any challenge may lead to a beautiful girlfriends and colorful life. And saying “YES” sincerely to any opportunity becomes one of my principle.

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