My favorite song

My favorite song is an old Taiwanese song which name is “Wang Chun feng” (望春風, Facing the Spring Breeze).It was 1933 that Taiwan was still ruled by Japan. A music company called Columbia released this record. Then it became the most well-known song in Taiwan. This song’s lyrics were written by Li Linqiu(李臨秋), which told a love story about a girl who met a handsome boy, but she was so shy that her heart was beating fast. She heard someone coming, and then opened the door and just felt the breeze blowing outside. Its lyrics were inspired by a traditional Chinese novel: “Xi Xiang Ji”(西廂記, Romance of the West Chamber). In addition, its melody was composed by Deng Yuxian(鄧雨賢), who was known as an important musician in Taiwanese history.

Wang Chun feng” was rearranged numerous times in various styles. For example, when Second World War started, it was restructured to encourage Taiwanese people to join the Japanese army. This song didn’t only tell a love story, but conveyed Taiwanese history. It goes through different Taiwanese historical periods, representing Taiwanese collective memory and identity.

When I applied for the job as a salesman in an ocean shipment company, I was asked to sing a song immediately on the interview, because I wrote I had been interested in singing on my resume. I chose “Wang Chun feng” to make a performance, the I got the job offer. It was unbelievable! As a result, “Wang Chun feng” is really meaningful in my life.

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