My favorite thing is Bubbles Tea. However there are three reason for why I am so crazy about this thing.

First of all, bubbles tea tastes really good. Fresh milk combines with black tea in properly proportion. Bubbles taste with the smell of dark brown sugar. Milk tea with bubbles is fantastic combination. When the summer coming, I even almost take 5 times bubbles tea in one week.

Second, it’s also my mental food too. When I fee sad, I will buy one cup of bubbles tea to cheer myself and tell myself I can do better next time. Otherwise I drink when I am happy. I usually will buy one cup of bubbles tea for celebrating something or rewarding to myself.

Third, it represents Taiwanese culture. Bubbles tea are famous in all over world,not only for it’s flavor good but also special. I can remember that the last year when I studied abroad in Vietnam for one year. The thing I. missed most in that year was bubbles tea. I just can’t live without bubbles tea.

Bubbles tea for me is not just the food but meaningful. This three reasons show why I love it and it is really always my favorite thing.

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