My Favorite Tour In New Zealand

There is one attraction in New Zealand you must to visit if you are the big fan of The Hobbit or The Lord Of Rings. It is a village of the Hobbits. You can see a lot of Hobbiton holes set into a hill. But you might get a bit disappointment when you step into those doors. Because they are only doors set on the hill. You can’t really see small furniture and adorable decorations you’ve seen in the films. Our tour guide told us the film-making group filmed the scenes of Hobbits houses in film studios. But it is fine, because you can still stand behind the doors and take some pictures to lie to your friends that you’ve been inside Hobbits houses and make them jealous. Haha

Me inside the Hobbiton hole

I was glad that we had the sun and the blue sky on our trip. So we could take loads of pictures in the movie set. But there was one annoying rule that visitors had to follow was you couldn’t visit there by yourself. You were supposed to follow a tour guide and be part of a group during the whole tour. That meant you got very short limiting time to take pictures of every scene.

The leaves on this tree were made in Taiwan!

During the tour, our tour guide told us an interesting fact that there was a huge tree inside this movie set was totally fake. And the leaves on this tree were made in Taiwan! After the two hours long tour, the last stop was in The Green Dragon pub where you could get a free drink. I remember I finished my drink as quick I could, and spent most of my time to walk around the pub and took pictures. Because The Green Dragon pub was one of the most fascinating spots there. Although the price of the ticket really paid through the nose, it was totally a fantastic experience to explore the magical attraction! And it will make you feel like you are in Middle-earth, The Shire and Hobbiton.

It is awesome to have a drink in The Green Dragon pub.
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