My special pets

I got some special pets since I was a little kid. The first one I want to talk about is my squirrel. One day, my uncle came to my house and said “ I bring something cool for you today.” And I found he took a small cage out of his car. And I said” WOW! How amazing it is.” And I always gave him fresh fruit for treat. But sometimes, he still bit me hard for the “appreciates”. Although I was quite angry at first time and really wanted to squashed him to death. But I didn’t. Because he was too cute to kill. And happily, he had average lifespan like other squirrels and went to the heaven.

As to special pets, I should share with everyone that I had a shrimp for pet called Jimmy even I wasn’t sure if he was a boy or not. XD And where I adopted him/she was pretty ridiculous. I just got this little orphan from the bag fulled of shrimps that my mom bought from the fish market. If I didn’t adopt him, he would become to my dinner with other shrimps actually. Luckily, he didn’t. I got him out of the big plastic bag and then put him into my glass tank which was 40cm in length and 30cm in width. It was quite big for Jimmy. No wonder he looked so happy everyday that he lives in a shrimpy castle. Not only had such a comfy accommodation, but also had good food everyday. Because I didn’t really know what shrimp actually eat, so I just gave him random food I had. All of the food was humans’ such as toast and bread. Sometimes, I even gave him some treats like pineapple cake! The most cute thing he loved to use his two nippers to hold food until he finished. But one day, my uncle said” How lonely he is that Jimmy lives at a huge house by himself ! He really needs somebodies to accompany him.” So my uncle bought two fish and put them into my tank without my agreement. I was so angry what he did. Jimmy looked so unhappy and hid in the corner all day since another two new “roommates” moved in. I totally regret that I didn’t separate them at the first time. Sadly, Jimmy died 3 days right after he got his fish roommates. But before that, my beloved Jimmy actually lived like 7 months and 1 week from the day I saved him and cast his shells 4 times and grew up . haha

And the last one is also a extremely special pet. I got this pet when I went to reptile pet shop. I just bought it because this small guy looked so adorable, I didn’t even know what exactly it was.I didn’t know his scientific name, so I just named him “Gai”. I think not everyone sees this animal before. So I just posted the picture on the left to let everyone know what it actually looks like. It looks like a lizard, but it is a good swimmer. After one week I bought him, I thought he was a little bit too lonely. So I went to the pet shop to buy him “brother and sister” to accompany him. Sadly, both of his brother and sister R.I.P just two weeks after I bought. No wonder they were just half of the price of Gai! It really ticked me off. Compare to them, it was surprised that Gai lived two years long! Maybe it was because I gave him a lot of nutrition like mosquitoes, maggots, and wigglers. ;-)