No Music No Life

If there is one thing that I will do all of my lifetime, I think it is music. Actually when I was in elementary school, I had no interest in music. I totally had no idea with half, quarter and eighth of tadpole-like notes in the music lesson. Although I still listened to the Chinese and Western pop songs, I didn’t want to study anything about music, I just wanted to listen. However, things have changed.

When I was a freshman in college, I joined guitar club and bought my first guitar which costed me NT 4000 dollars. But I didn’t spend much time for playing the guitar but table-tennis. Until the first summer vacation of my college life, I had to perform a song for the summer camp, so I practiced a lot.

Unexpectedly, after the practice, I can play and sing by myself. That was a great sense of accomplishment for me! It also encouraged me to practice more. Although I don’t practice so much now, I still like to listen to music. Recently I start to listen to jazz music because I think its variety is very interesting. One of my favorite Japanese singers — Ringo Sheena has released many songs which contain Jazz elements.

“ Onnanoko wa Dare Demo” is an example.

This song uses lots of horn section, which means brass instruments (trumpet, saxophone, trombone…etc.) in a big band. This kind of music was very popular from 1920’s to 1940's.

So old music is not old-fashioned necessarily, it can be reformed by adding some new elements. That’s why music so interesting, isn’t it?