Salt can solve your sore throat

I’m the kind of person who can get sore throat almost everyday. I have no idea why my throat is always this weak. So my mom gave me a extremely good solution of dealing with it — rising your throat with salty water. She said it was the way her junior high school teacher taught them in the class. Her teacher said salty water could kill more than 70% of bacterias around throats. I didn’t believe her at the beginning and thought it was a dumb idea. So I didn’t take my mom’s advice until one time I felt something wrong with my throat again. I took the salt in the kitchen and made salty water and kept rising my throat for 3 days. I woke up on the forth day morning and found my throat totally recovering. Since then, I started to rinse my throat with the “magic water” every time when I get back to home from outside. And I’ve never been bothered by sore throat again.

I went to buy a bag of salt from 7–11 on the first day when I came here to study in ITI. My roommate thought I was insane and didn’t know why I bought this huge amount of salt in this non-kitchen dorm. And I just told her the whole story. It’s very worth to spend only NT$15 preventing from getting sick. And can also save a lot of money and time to buy medicine or even go to see a doctor.

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