The trip to Osaka

Last year, I went to Osaka with my sister in our spring vacation. The cherry blossoms are open at springtime. With friendly landscape and climate, Japan has the perfect environment for flowers. So the view attracts lots of people from all over the world. During the springtime, every park in Japan is crowded with people who come for flower viewing. We also chose a park near our hotel and had a picnic under the cherry blossom trees just like Japanese. We spent the whole afternoon there and really enjoyed the moment.

Food is also the reason why we love Japan so much. My favorite Japanese food is sushi. The Japanese dessert is also very popular with lots of people. There are many stores famous for its delicate dessert. Although we also have many Japanese restaurants in Taiwan, you should have a try when you come to Japan. And everyone we met in Japan is so friendly and politely. For example, when we couldn’t find the way getting back to hotel, they were willing to help us. Although both of us couldn’t speak Japanese, we still had lot of fun and were satisfied with everything in this trip. We are already looking forward to another trip to Japan.

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