What’s my favourite?

My favourite item of clothes is floral dress. My mom used to dressed me up like a doll ,my aunt and godmother also bought me lots of dresses. When I was a little girl, I wore different kinds of dress to school every day. But there was a bad experience happened when I was is in the third of elementary school. At that time, more than more girls started to wear pants, and they said the girl who wear a dress is a ditzy. I started to refuse to wear the dress and felt inconvenient in myself.

After I grew up, I found that there are many good reasons to wear the dress. First, a dress is one piece of clothing and it is easy to pack. Second, you can wear a dress in both formal and informal occasions. Third, wearing dress in Summer will feel cooler. The most important reason is that I found that floral dress really is suitable for me, and I told myself that I should not living in someone else’s eyes! Although I already have many different pattern and various of dresses, I won’t stop buying them. Because they can make me more confident!

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