Why ITI ?

Why ITI?

This is the question that ITI interviewer always ask at the interview.

So, why should Michael get into the ITI ?

Lots of people around me think that getting into ITI is not a great choice. My colleagues, my friends, even my father don’t think that is a good idea. Because there is no any formal diploma after training, and the opportunity cost for me (five-years working experience) is too much.

Some of them may think reasons of getting into ITI are practicing English, and learning more about the business. But for me, the most important thing is discipline. This is the first time that I want to get my will trained after graduated from high school. I am asked to study hard to get a better grade since I was a little child. My parents and teachers push me to the limit until I successfully get into the NCTU.

After I got into NCTU, I found that there was a lot of time of my own. I started to participate many extracurricular activities and hang out with friends whole days. I just wasted time unbridledly. Therefore, I’m really cherish any hour of my own now. Hope that I could build up good habit of learning after ITI training and become a great ITIer one day.

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