Thank You, My Friend!

Photo by Philippe Tarbouriech on Unsplash

Do you enjoy summertime during these two months? What have you done recently?

After I graduated from the college, I attended ITI in no time on July. I have not actually relaxed or had fun in my summer vacation. Instead, I have been studying hard in English and management knowledge. Thankfully and Happily, with the fulfilled courses, my English has improved, and I have been more confident in myself. Nevertheless, sometimes I might get tired exceedingly after a long-time studying.

I still remember that lonely, tiring, drizzling but sweet night on July. That was a Saturday night which my roommates had gone home before it rained. I had to stay at dorm in order to study for the international trade exam.

In the begging, I did not realize that I had been alone in the room, and I felt energetic to focus on my study. I had been studying for three hours until my stomach rumbled because of hunger. I felt hungry. Meanwhile, I also felt lonely and exhausted since there was nobody here.

While I was a little blue, one of my roommates called me. She said,

“Hi, Joan! I bet that you have not had a supper yet. I had put some snacks you love in your left drawer. Just eat some of them. I will be back tomorrow morning!”

With her modulated voice, all of my unhappiness just evaporated rapidly. I ate up all snacks joyfully after hanging up the phone. Although it had not stopped raining, this short but heartwarming phone call had made my world bright.

No matter how rough and boring the life is, I believe that I can overcome any difficulty with these friends who care about me sincerely.