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Benefits of having a clean work space

Chomwa Shikati
Oct 16, 2017 · 3 min read

Admit it. They are times when we have let papers, files, small receipts and other to-do items pile up into a huge mess on our desk. I used to have five box files on my desk which I only realised recently that I have not used or needed them in months; I could not even move my arms freely on the desk because of them. I will not even talk about the dust that accumulated on my keyboard and screen.

If you’re like me (well, the old me) you may only have noticed now that you have a lot of papers on your desk that you don’t need and have not used in a while. And they may have piled up into quite a mess that is constantly interfering with your workflow, creativity and your health. Although some professionals have bought into the idea that a cluttered desk demonstrates working hard, having a clean workplace is one of the most important factors in the determination of office productivity.

Let’s peer into four benefits that result from having a clean work space;

Health benefits: The bigger the mess, the greater the stress. Just looking at a messy, unkempt workspace first thing in the morning can raise your stress levels. When desks and other work areas start to get cluttered, it can naturally make people feel a little drained and induce stress. Stress can lead to a number of health problems, including depression, fatigue, sleep trouble, stomach issues and drug abuse. Keeping offices clean at all times helps to reduce the stress that is floating around the workplace.

Another health hazard is the bacteria that accumulates and contaminates the surfaces of an office quickly without regular, thorough cleaning. For example, the average office keyboard has roughly 7,500 bacteria on it. So the germs and bacteria that gather around you as you work may affect your health and cleanliness. You’re probably going to be more likely to have a stuffy nose and other issues.

Can make a good impression on the higher ups: Having a neat, well-organized desk is the easiest way ever to impress your boss and other higher-ups. Disorganization reflects poorly on you in front of your co-workers and clients. If you can’t be trusted to keep your desk tidy, how attentive are you to the details of their account or money? Professional people should take pride in their jobs–and this translates to how they organize their work space. A messy desk can harm your professional reputation, keeping an organized workspace gives your co-workers, superiors and potential clients a positive image of your lifestyle and how you conduct yourself professionally.

Maintain focus and increase efficiency: A muddled work area makes you waste time looking for things that you immediately need. In addition, the excess clutter can also let your mind get distracted easily because it is constantly trying to make sense of the disorganization. Keeping it clean will make it easier to focus on projects instead. You’ll also find yourself with lots more space to get things done rather than pushing the mess to the side and adding more to the pile. There will be an incredible increase in your personal productivity when you have your things organized. Keeping your office organized helps you find things faster and thus helping you to work more efficiently.

A clean desk will result in increased spirits: When your desk and office are organized, clean and looking good, it makes you feel good about where you work. When you feel good about where you work, your spirit is boosted and so is your productivity. Feelings are contagious, which means your co-workers will start to experience a boost in their morale as well. This will encourage them to clean their work areas as well.

Although it may take time to accomplish the task, having a clean desk can result of benefits that will surprise you. Everything in your office should have an appropriate place to be stored. If you find that you feel out of control and overwhelmed by your desk or environment, now is the time to do something about it.

Have you benefited from having a tidy, organised and clean desk? Share your comments and thoughts on this below.

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