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The ‘What it takes (WIT)’ publication is on a quest to find out what it takes for a person to find their passion and achieve their business and individual success. We share inspiring stories and articles from the most brilliant business minds, Influencers, Artists, Achievers, full-time parents to C-suite execs, students to savants and everything in-between who have succeeded in what they do in order to help you find out what it takes to succeed in the real world.

Our audience craves the big stars of today and the up & coming stars of tomorrow. So we are also looking for the next iconic thought leaders that are on their way to the heights of success.

We are a community that helps each other get our lives, business and careers started; and live a more meaningful and practical life that will help inspire others to do the same. You can join and be part of our community.

We accept submissions from anyone; we feel that every writer can resonate with a lot of readers who need to hear their message.

Do you have a message you want to spread to a continental audience for free? You can do easily do so by just sending an email to the editor introducing yourself with a link to the medium draft or article you want to share with the world. Or if you want to be added as a writer, just leave a comment below.

But wait don’t get so excited yet, there is a catch; you have to have a powerful message that resonates with our mission statement.

It could be in form of an article, a short story, a novel draft, an interview or even poetry.

So come and inspire and be inspired by us! Find inspiration in the conversations and ideas. Learn and grow with our upcoming programs and events.

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