Don’t ask for Permission

“It is better to ask for forgiveness than permission” — Anonymous

When you want something go for it!

We tend to wait for others as if we need their approval to run our businesses, careers, lives or even our minds. When it comes to your dreams, you got to go for it.

Don’t ever ask others for permission when you are in pursuit of that dream. Those who hold the “promissory” notes will slow you down. A funny thing that happens is when you reach your success; your bandwagon quickly fills up.

We are always too afraid of what others may say or whom we may offend. Trust me I live in Canada, and people apologize as a greeting (for example; I’m sorry, but how are you?.. aye…lol).

Sometimes you just have to say screw it and go for yours.

It took me a long time to figure this one out, but I am glad that lesson finally was learned. I used to be terrible at this. I worried about offending people way too much. I wasn’t disrespecting people at all it was just a matter of me letting my fear of disrespecting others hinder me and my actions.

For example, as a kid I had hip-hop aspirations — I wanted to rap like Tupac Shakur or Nas (Don’t worry I gave that up — I like writing in other ways now☺). I tried to put out some written material but I worried it might hurt somebody’s feelings — yet the funny thing was that most of my lyrics were uplifting. I let my fear of hurting someone’s feelings outweighed my aspirations, so I never put out my material — now who knows what could have happened.

Please understand — I do not regret not putting out my raps at all. I learned from that experience that even though I had those hip-hop aspirations, my heart wasn’t into being a rapper, I just loved the writing process –hence why I love writing books, blogs, articles, etc. Not putting out that material had the effect of making me hide my content and wait for the “perfect time” to someday put my things out. And you know what happens on “some days” — they never show.

In my early twenties, I had a short stint working at a shitty ass telemarketing job, and I witnessed this guy in action. He was an asshole, but the thing was he knew it and didn’t care. He didn’t wait to get permission for his sales he just got them.

Working with him was fascinating. I witnessed this fellows comfort with selling. The average worker there got 3–5 sales during an eight-hour shift, which was acceptable, but this guy was getting a minimum of 30.

I viewed his techniques, and I didn’t agree with 90% of what he did; however, I admired one trait that he had, and that was his moxie. When he wanted sales, he got it. When he wanted a raise, he got it. Whatever his pursuit he went for it and worried about “asking” later. He never really asked, he demanded and funny enough he always got his way. No permission needed.

He had a certain amount of “determined confidence” in pursuing his immediate objective. So when I am in pursuit of something I borrow that fellow’s strategy but I polish it with more finesse.

I do that with all my ventures now. I take on that determined confidence and go for my goals. I don’t worry about feelings because I know my intention is not of malice and I just plow forth. I won’t wait for permission to achieve my goals; Neither should you.

Bonus Quote

Inaction breeds fear and the last thing you need is a breeding farm of fear and doubt so go for yours.

Take Care

Teronie J. Donaldson

Written by

Toronto Born, Brooklyn Raised, Family Man, Writer, Tradesman. Student of Life. Email: Instagram and Twitter: @only1teronie

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