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Miracle job

Tom and Mike were best friends and they did everything together. Wherever there was Tom, there was mike.

They both graduated from the same University, at the same time, earning a degree in the same field; Marketing.

With the hype that came with graduating, Tom and Mike were filled with energy and because they had worked so hard for their degrees, they felt like the world owed them something.

A job.

They forgot all about their student loans, their personal hardships and the hardships of their families. And they just hoped.

They both had hoped that they will make that one miracle move, that one job application they would send to that huge company that would be accepted and that would sort everything out.

They both began applying for jobs in the same capacity. And waited.

Hoping. And Waiting.

But little did they know that life did not owe them anything. They would not get the results they both hoped for. Not because they did anything wrong, but such a reality is a tale of life.

Life had little to offer to those who waited.

But Tom was hopeful and stubborn with his methods he did not want to try anything different, so he chose to wait for that one miracle to happen, that would change his life.

Mike was hopeful too, but as time passed he realised something, he had to change his methods . That ‘miracle move ‘he and Mike had long waited for may not exist after all and he could wait for it his entire life.

He realised that the longer he waited for it. The more time he wasted.

With what he had, Mike started performing small actions while he waited. He began creating his own online Marketing agency. EVERY DAY he did one thing to move himself and his agency forward.

A year passed. Tom waited and searched for a job. Mike waited and Created a job.

A year and half went by. Then two years.

Tom had kept applying for a job all this time and he had waited for that one miracle to happen. But it never came.

But Mike, on the other hand, had stopped waiting for it. He had finally now created it.

Well, Tom did finally get a job. He finally received an offer letter.

Mike gave him a chance at his budding startup.


Tom remained Reactive.

Mike became Creative.

More opportunities reveal themselves to people who are creative. If one way does not work try another simultaneously and continue learning and growing from your experiences.

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