Stick with the decisions you make

“80% of decisions should be made the first time they come up.”
Anthony Robbins

I remember when I first heard this advice from an audio recording. I was in need of motivation and didn’t want to hear music, so I clicked on YouTube and started listening to a Tony Robbins video.

It was one of his many videos. One thing he said that particularly hit me was:

“80% of decisions should be made the first time they come up”.

I can be very indecisive at times; In fact, I probably drive my wife a little crazy with my indecision. However, I am harder on myself because this is an area that I need continuous improvement. It’s not that I am afraid to make decisions, it’s that I want to do so much that I tend to overload myself with options and when it comes time to make a move I am still deciding.

One of my primary goals is improving this aspect so that quick decision making becomes a habit. I have read lots of articles on decision making, and I believe Tony Robbin’s tip was by far the best. By making 80% of your decisions the first time they come up you take action now and are not dealing with any lingering emotions or issues later.

Now I didn’t mind stalling on certain things like major financial purchases or big family decisions until I have all the necessary information. But the choices I was stalling on, were the small ones like what to eat, what to wear, or what movie to watch, and I would end up wasting so much time over a simple decision.

By getting into the habit of making 80% of my decisions as soon as they come up, I no longer have to deal with the mental clutter of a lingering decision to make. I am still not entirely doing this all the way, but I am practicing it as much as possible so that I get into the decision making habit more readily and often.

I noticed that since I have been doing this, I can trust my judgment a lot more than I used to. I don’t second-guess myself because once the decision is made, then I deal with the next situation or whatever comes up as a result of that decision. I am happier for that, and my wife is too. I know many times she was probably thinking to herself Teronie make up your damn mind already.

If you still face challenges in making decisions as I did here are some tips to use:

#1. Tell yourself that Tony Robbins tip that 80% of decisions should be made the first time they come up.

#2. Think about the worst that can happen if you make that decision and what may happen if you do not.

#3. Keep making quick decisions, and don’t look back with regret just move forward.

#4. Start with small decisions and keep progressing to build up your decision making muscles.

And remember this

#5. The best thing you can do is make a good decision, the bad thing is to make a bad decision, but the absolute worst thing to do is not decide at all.

Hopefully, that will help you out.

Thank You for reading