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The Abundance Mentality and your Startup

Chomwa Shikati
May 30, 2018 · 4 min read

The Entrepreneurship journey is experienced differently by everyone.

Some, very few, start and cruise to the top seemingly so easily finding what they need. But most, in the beginning, feel trapped feeling like they are going around in circles finding it hard to find the connections and resources necessary to start and build a business.

If you fall in the latter category it is easy to be consumed by a negative ‘scarcity’ mindset, feeling like there is just not enough resources going around that would make your business a success. As a matter of fact, it would seem odd for you to think you have everything when you look around you and see nothing.

In such situations, when everything is not working, anyone can fall prey to a negative mindset.

It is true that entrepreneurship needs a lot of resources, but without the right mindset we will miss out on the wonderful resources that we may have at our fingertips.

That is why having an ‘Abundance Mentality’ will help you see what you do have and make the most of it, essentially making your entrepreneurship journey a much happier one.

Even when we think we have nothing to give we can all find something to give, if we expand our mindset, that could make what we are building a great thing.

But if we limit our mindset, we will limit our resources and therefore limit what we create.

When we adopt a mindset of ‘scarcity’ we become more negative, more needy, more anxious and very limited in our thinking. We focus on a few limited resources that we feel we can use as the only way to build our business. Regardless of the fact that there is an incredible amount of abundance of everything we want (and more) out there.

We fail to see that there is always another way or alternative route we can use to get our business to where we want it to reach.

For instance, if we were operating a business in an area where there is an abundance of customers that will make our business a success when we have a scarcity mindset, the moment a competitor opens up a similar business in the same area we would instantly start to think that they would steal all of our business. And in effect we would start making decisions that would not benefit our business. We would slash prices which would reduce revenue and reduce profits. Our focus would be placed on beating our competitor instead of growing and building our business.

On the other hand, a mindset operating on abundance would do things differently. Such a mindset will focus on out working, out servicing and out marketing their competitors, they will focus on innovation realising that their other ways to solve that problem that do not have negative consequences to their business, and this will help them keep and grow their business.

A leader with an abundant mindset realises that people just want the best solution to their problems and they will put in the work, time and energy into building a product that serves and add value to others rather than one that will meet their self needs.

If your business is struggling having an abundant mindset has the power to bring it back to life. A leader with such a mindset has confidence in their abilities and their business idea, and they will start to work on it differently than they would if they felt they had no resources. They would network strategically at events where they could meet the right business contacts, they would use Social media more to nurture the right business relationships and get recommended and referred by the right people.

They will deal with rejection with the right attitude knowing full well that opportunity was not the last opportunity they will have and therefore learn from what they may have done wrong in order to do better next time.

A business where the leader is not negative or needy and anxious will treat others, especially their employees, better. This in turn will have good effect on their employees fostering loyalty and a very good team spirit which is needed for Startup success.

Scarcity is one dimensional we only see what we are focusing on, or on one pathway, and usually that is the things we are lacking in our business. Abundance will let us see the big picture, or the entire landscape so to say, it will make us other resources, decisions and ways in which we can build our business.

Being abundant in the mind when building our business well help you to begin to see more opportunities, which were never visible to you when you were focusing on the things that you were lacking.

The moment you realise that there is more out there, your frequency will change, you will do better and you will begin to attract opportunities that you would never have seen before.

Building and maintaining the ‘Abundant’ mindset and that will make your entrepreneurship journey a happy one.

Do you agree with this? What are your thoughts on this? Leave a comment and share your thoughts in the section below.

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What it Takes

we are on a quest to find out what it takes for a person to find their passion and achieve their business and individual success. If you have a powerful message to share that resonates share it with us.

Chomwa Shikati

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What it Takes

we are on a quest to find out what it takes for a person to find their passion and achieve their business and individual success. If you have a powerful message to share that resonates share it with us.

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