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The Art of Starting Simple: Back off the inspiration and build a foundation

“Stuck again!”

Those were the words that kept echoing through my mind after spending only two weeks working on a huge project I had recently undertaken and was confident I could do on my own but had grossly underestimated. Being basically a non-tech person, the magnitude of the project required me to learn multiple new programming languages, which on their own would take me weeks, possibly months, to grasp. And the deeper I dove into the project the more I realized just how hard it was going to be and the more I got intimidated by it.

When you are staring at a stone wall or failure after being inspired to do something huge, it is easy to give up, and soon after it will be easy to quickly feel and think that we are incapable of building something significant.

But, the things that matter the most to us are the things that will be usually the hardest to create and build.

Fortunately for me experience has taught me that this is what happens and therefore I wasn’t surprised. So I did the one thing I have learned to do when faced with difficult situations:

‘Take a step back, start over, break down that huge goal into small simple goals and then direct my entire focus on one simple step.’

Remember that everything big starts off small and in most cases everything small begins with a simple step, one single step that won’t kill you.

The road to mastering anything begins with a simple step but in that simple step you have to bring your greatest effort and then do it over and over again.

Like the iron cowboy, James Lawrence, stated sometimes you just have to ‘Back off the Inspiration and then build a foundation’. This does not mean forgetting the vision and inspiration, after all you can’t get somewhere without knowing what the vision for your business and your life is, it just means taking a step back and putting everything in place as simply as it can be done.

The value of starting simple is grossly underestimated in almost everything we do, and that includes in our personal businesses and careers. We see big established companies and we are inspired by them, wanting to build exactly what they have or who they are now. We are inspired by individuals who have achieved great things in their careers and we direct all our efforts into becoming who they are now in a very short period of time, forgetting all about planting our feet steadily into the ground and putting in place a solid foundation.

That is why we crumble and break under pressure that is why we build things and products that won’t last.

Starting simple allows you to move forward steadily and more firmly grounded than starting with complex steps we have little knowledge on. It breaks down you fears and anxiety giving you the confidence to work on your next step.

It gives you the permission to be excellent at what you want to build or do.

You cannot build amazon, Facebook, or Netflix in one day but you can definitely write one line of code and that will contribute towards the final outlook of your project.

Starting small and taking the smallest simple step will give you the confidence to take the next and it will make you realize that anything really is achievable, knowing full well that the steps that lead to your goal, if broken down, will not kill you.

Most first time entrepreneurs put themselves under a lot of pressure to impress immediately. They will spend lots of resources, energy and time into building a complex solution that may not even be wanted by the market. And most will give up by just looking at the magnitude of the problem or after a few failures.

But starting simple goes a long way to your success. And building a minimum viable product is a great place to start for entrepreneurs. A simple product you can quickly put out there will allow you to receive feedback from your customers swiftly and this will let you know if you are doing the right things. Once you see the mistakes you can correct them and quickly move forward.

The more you learn and make corrections, the better your business will be positioned for success in the long term.

You will continuously work and improve what you have, that is business. You will never be done, after all a business that is not improving is a business destined to die.

So start simple and start small.

Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, once said:

“Everything flows, and nothing abides, everything gives way, and nothing stays fixed.”

Nothing will stay the same not even your skills or the simple product you will build will remain the same if you work on it.

Just build a strong foundation that won’t crumble and focus on the next simple step and move on from there.

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