A simple story of me

Hi guys, my name is Jason. I’m 23 years old. I’m from Taichung,the central part of Taiwan.The weather and people are nice in my hometown . This is the first time I come to Hsinchu. There are two things that is different from Taichung. First,the weather is hotter. I sweat a lot everyday after i came here. Second, the road is smaller,so you can see a lot of cars are driving with the motorbike in the same road. The riders always riders always ride so fast it seems to be dangerous. I should be more careful about it.

I used to do part time job in a burger store in Taichung. I know a little about cooking. Before I come to Hsinchu people told me that Hsinchu has been called Desert of Food. It is hard to find tasty food here. I didn’t believe it in the first time. After living here for one week, I found out they are telling the truth. Maybe I’ll try to cook someday. I like to swim too. Join me to the pool if you also like to swim.

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