A Sort of Letter for Myself

Hey Chris,

I had saw that some warm sunshine stream down the ground,It was slowly changing to weak like a flashlight slowly exhausts its electronic power and ready to face a dark night;But it also remains me that although the sun could get down but it would get up,It’s very encouraging right?

When it come to encouragement,not just a writing way can do it,sometimes if you have felt stress,frustration,nervous,grief and etc,you can do some happy things to relieve any unhappy things,something like that you can hang out with friends in Hsinchu or any where,you can go jogging with roommates on campus,you can play table tennis with classmates at dorm 3,you can do homework with Group 3 member or anything you love to do.

So with somebody to do something is very important right?

I have a suggestion about relaxation if you want to hang out with friends. You can go to get something to drink or just have a meal Because drinking and eating suppose people to relax. Many people have said Hsinchu is a Food Desert, and I really have experienced it.

Why did I say that?Is there a basis for comment on it?I think that is YES,based on my few experiences under 10 times,but on the other hand,maybe my experience is really not enough,so I haven’t found a good one.

Now it’s time to midnight,I have to go to sleep.

We keep in touch,see you.



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