A Tasting Adventure

Having food is an important things for human being. Just like the air we breath and the water we drink. Tasting new kinds of food will probably be my favorite thing to do in my life. I like to try food that I have never tried before. For example, I have tried a kind of drink called “STMJ”. It is a kind of drink from Indonesia. It is made by milk, egg yolk, honey, ginger, and hot boiled water. It sounds a little weird for most of people but actually it is quiet good to drink. You will feel warm after you drink it. In my opinion, everyone should try every food they can get. Don’t miss any opportunity when you have a chance to taste new food.

Beside trying strange food I also like to eat dessert. I have heard that there are many nice dessert shop in Hsinchu. There is a shop called “100 tastes” in downtown of Hsinchu city. My friend recommends it to me before I come here. I’ll probably try it someday and discover more in the city. If you like to eat too, please let me know!

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