About myself

This is Stephanie from Taiwan.

I love traveling and making friends with people. It’s really interesting to know about what people doing in different way. It’s also exciting when you meet some culture shock, isn’t it? I have been to some other countries, studying their languages and learning their own lifestyle when I was in university.

I went to Vancouver for 3 month to study in English, and had have some friends and good experience there. This really expand my horizons.

After graduation, I went to Japan and work for one year. Working together with people in different cultures made me learn to put myself in other’s shoes, and also enhanced my community skills.

It’s a quite special experience that working aboard, lots of people from “different country stay for one or two nights or more, they have different food style, way of speaking, etc. There are always interested things happened in our hotel(or you can call it in Japanese way “ryokan”)

I realized that I love to connect with people and what I’m worked-toward is being a successful marketing and sales woman.

I did realize how English important is if I want to start my Business life, therefore, I desire to learn my language and business skills deeply.

It’s a huge turning point of my life to start a new field that I never had before, but challenge lover like me, I will chest up and meet every challenge!

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