Ball Can Relieve Stress?

My favorite thing is playing basketball. The reason why I beloved play basketball because of my Dad. When I was in the age of 8, I practiced basketball with my Dad every weekend. This was the most unforgettable memory in my life.

After the childhood training, I participated the basketball team in Junior High School in Kaohsiung’s most famous basketball team. Since I love play it so much, so I keep my training path in Senior High and participated thousands of hundred of games.

Firstly, the core thing in playing basketball is teamwork. The Golden States Worrier member share their opinions after the Championship, they said “sacrifice.” Without sacrifice, without championship. Indeed, each player in the NBA are gifted, if everyone want to be famous, they can just put up number during the games, however, it’s not the philosophy in playing basketball.

Secondly, not only play basketball can being healthier, but also can get along with more and more friends. When I want to know new friends, I think the best way is to play sport with them. While playing, we could meet each other easier than just talk face to face. Moreover, we could know so many things during the playing. For example, when people speak something during the court, we could know which type person they are or which way they want to cope with.

Last but not the least, playing basketball is my favorite sport, get along with people frequently and friendly, make me feel happy and relieve my stress.

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